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IESCO Bill Online Check | Check IESCO duplicate bill 2023

Today I will discuss how to get duplicate IESCO bills online. This is because many bills have to be delivered to a large number of locations, and the postal man might lose or give your bill late. So you might receive your bill around the due date and have to pay it as soon as you can, or you will get an extra charge.  

We are now giving a means of getting your duplicate ESCO online to solve all the different situations you might experience. In just a few minutes, you can quickly view and print your IESCO bill online. All you need to do is enter your IESCO bill reference number and click on the search to get your bill online. You’ll be able to check your bill on your screen in a few seconds.

Now you can see your bill very clearly. You can also print it immediately using CTRL+P to print your IESCO bill. Of course, you should contact the appropriate authority if you have any questions about your bill.    

What is IESCO Bill? 

You are in the perfect spot to know if you wonder what the IESCO bill is and the backstory. The IESCO company is known as Islamabad electric power supply company, an electricity provider for the citizens of Islamabad. Islamabad was founded in 1988 under the WAPDA Act and was licensed by the National Electric Provider (NEPRA). The electric requirements of the citizens of Islamabad are supplied and managed. It serves about 2,8 million people.  

IESCO Bill Online Check by Reference Number

You can check your IESCO bill online duplicate copy with details to click the above button.  

IESCO Bill Calculator

You can get an estimate of your bill on our website today. You need to enter the number of units you think you used to eat to do so. Keep in mind the difference between the industrial and a residential bill; therefore, the bill will be created for a commercial area if you enter more than 500 units. The unit pricing on our website is continuously updated to make you comfortable. Now you can quickly generate an estimate!    

Find Reference Number on IESCO Bill

Finding the reference number is a straightforward process. Just look at the top of your IESCO bill, and you will see your IESCO bill reference number.    

How to Check IESCO Duplicate Bill Online

  • Open the official IESCO website in our browser (
  • Now, go to the given URL Address. To click on the link, you will redirect to the customer portal.
  • Enter a reference number with 14 digits and no space.
  • Now, press the submit button.
  • The IESCO system will automatically generate bills.
IESCO Bill Online Check | Check IESCO duplicate bill 2021

Areas under IESCO

IESCO is available in Kashmir, Attock, and Jhelum, But IESCO is based mainly in Islamabad.    

IESCO Contact Details

You can call the helpline to support you if your inquiries have to be resolved or if you have some problems with your bill.  

Address: Head office St 40, Sector G, 7/4 Islamabad   

Email: [email protected]

Helpline: 051925937    

IESCO Bill Pay Online

Users can pay their IESCO bills online without visiting the bank and waiting. You have to pay your bill by jazz cash or Easypaisa. Just stay at home and pay your bill online.

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