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How to open PDF files in Android?

Nowadays many PDF files are shared on WhatsApp, Facebook, and many other places. And in case your mobile doesn’t support PDF files or your mobile doesn’t have a PDF viewer. So you cannot open these files on your mobile. Friends, a PDF viewer is now pre-installed on most android smartphones. But if your mobile doesn’t have a PDF viewer.

So today I am going to tell you in this post how you can open PDF on your mobile. You must have downloaded the necessary app on your Android mobile, similarly to open the PDF file it is very important to have the app on your mobile. Because now most information is shared only in PDF files. is performed.

Any kind of official notification and form etc is also in a pdf file and any government scheme information is also in a pdf file. You must have noticed that when you have opened any scheme like 12th 10th or BA BSC on your mobile then if you have a PDF file viewer it will open. Otherwise, the file will not open. So it is important to have a PDF viewer on your mobile.

Best apps to open PDF files on Android:-

Friends, there are many PDF viewer apps on the play store. But no app should be downloaded on mobile. Before downloading any app one should check all the details of that app. Because there are some such apps. Which creates problems for your mobile.

I am telling you about some of the best and most reliable apps. Which you can download on your mobile.

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Guys this is a very good and trusted company app. It is developed by Adobe company. The software of Adobe company is very famous in the computer field. This app also got a good rating on the google play store. And it has received good reviews too.

You can download it from the play store and install it on your mobile. And you can open any PDF file.

This is one such app. With which you can scan any document with your PDF file. It has many features for you.

2. Google PDF Viewer

This app is also a very good PDF file opening app. This app is made by Google. So even for this security, you have no risk with this app. This app is also very liked by Loha and got a good rating on the play store. You can download it without any hesitation. With this app, you can easily open any PDF file.

Friends, both these apps are very good for opening PDF files. You can download any of these apps. But if you are downloading another app. So definitely check out its ratings and customer reviews. Then download.

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