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How To Make Watching Cricket More Exciting From Home?

Playing cricket with family and friends is the best way to enjoy the game. You’ll find some fun ideas in our guide. Here are some fun ways to cheer on your favorite cricket team and cricketers as a family! Make this an occasion to remember.

There is excitement in the air as much-anticipated cricketing events are about to commence! As cricket fans cheer and support their ‘Men in Green,’ a cricket match always sends them into a frenzy!

According to tradition, any game involving the Indian team is a festive occasion in every corner of the country. Preparations have been made, popcorn and chips have been stocked up, the team jerseys have been washed and dusted, and painted faces are ready for adornment. You can watch a cricket match with your entire family in apartments for rent in Eugene, OR. Here are some exciting and fun ways to do it!

Let’s get started, shall we? Check out these unique ways to watch a cricket match or any game.

Invest in a projector or large-screen television and have fun

Big-screen cricket matches are one of the best ways to experience the thrill of a match. Projectors are an alternative to large televisions if you do not have the budget for one. It is less expensive than a large-screen television and is easy to set up. The match can be enjoyed from the comfort of your living room after the installation.

Take on the role of your team’s cheerleaders

Cheerleaders are an essential part of any cricket match. Whenever you watch your team play on television, be one for them. In what way? When a four, a six, or a wicket is taken, wave paper pom-poms. Various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs are available for pom-poms. The steps below can guide you on how to make one:

  • Ten garbage bags (trash bags work best) should be layered, one on the other.
  • Remove the trash bags’ tops and bottoms
  • Fold the trash bags
  • Using the folded line as a guide, cut the bags
  • Slit the bags
  • Bags should be gathered
  • Make the pom-poms fluffy
  • Make your pom-poms and then do a little jig while waving them around.

Match the mood and ambiance to the event

Using game-related items to decorate your home can create a ‘crickety’ atmosphere. The living room can be decorated with posters and memorabilia of the different teams. You can add that extra touch by placing a cardboard cutout of your favorite players on the center table, placing a trophy replica on the center table, and even placing bats, balls, and wickets in the room. Show your loyalty by wearing your favorite team’s jersey while doing all these things.

Use a large poster to make a best wishes board. Family members can write their best wishes and attach them to the wall. It would be best to invite your friends or neighbors to join in the fun with all the effort you’ve put into it. Let’s make it a party!

Set up a mini food counter

After cheering for your team, you can re-energize yourself by munching on some delicious snacks. Check up on all-time match favorites like popcorn, finger food, and ice cream. Apart from the usual butter flavor, popcorn comes in various flavors, such as caramel, chili, and cheese.

Slices of fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, banana, and carrot with salt or chili can be served as finger foods. French fries, cheese balls, and potato garlic bites are also quite popular with children as quick bites.

Enjoy a tall glass of fruit juice or smoothie to wash it all down.

Keep disposable cutlery within arm’s reach while watching the match.

During the match break, create fun, interesting quizzes

Think of interesting cricket-related trivia to entertain you and your family during the halftime break. A quiz on that match’s teams and players would be interesting, to begin with. Prizes such as chocolates and vouchers will ensure the whole family is engaged. Team up, be competitive, and involve your children!

Paint your face in your favorite team’s colors

The entire family will enjoy this activity, and it will bring out their creative side. Let’s not limit the fun to only those watching live. Paint your face with the colors of your favorite team or country’s flag. If the design is tricolor, you will need paint in saffron, green, white, and blue. Paint each cheek with the Indian flag, one by one. You can even sprinkle some glitter on top of the white color base.


Enjoy any sporting extravaganza with your family and cheer your team to victory now that you’re all prepared. Let’s play some cricket and let our hair down!

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