Kashmiri Harissa Recipe

Kashmiri Harissa Recipe – Kashmiri Harissa Recipe is one of the most famous meals. Read the full Kashmiri Harissa Recipe, including component and technique knowledge. It’s a simple recipe with readily accessible components. Prepare the meal according to top chefs’ Kashmiri Harissa Recipe to give the real flavour or taste to your cuisine. You can also distribute this dish to your peers and family.

Person 8
Time 2:00 – 0:06


  1. Meat 1/2 KG
  2. Dalchini 2 big stick
  3. Badi Ilachi 4
  4. Chiti Ilachi 7
  5. salt to taste
  6. onion
  7. saunf 3 tbs
  8. garlic 5 cloves
  9. oil


  • Take pressure cooker put water and all ingredients except meat onion and oil.
  • boil this mixed water then add meat pieces close the lid until meat tenders
  • open cooker and see meat tenders or not if no again close the lid and if yes then remove bones from the meat and sieve all soup.
  • Take meat one by one in another vessel and mince that properly add soup again mince so that it thickens add all dry ingredient again thicken and check salt
  • hot oil add onion till golden brown add this in prepared meat
  • when serve take in a bowl and pour hot oil 1 sp over it.
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