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How to send disappearing messages on Instagram and Facebook

Hello friends! Today in this article, we will talk about Sending disappearing messages on Instagram and Facebook. We will know how to send disappearing messages on Instagram and Facebook. Stay with this article to know in more detail.  


We all are using Facebook and Instagram to communicate and connect directly with everyone. And we might even want to share something with other individuals, sensitive or private while having to delete the message within a certain amount of time automatically.

Fortunately, all applications will send messages and photos, self-destructing. So, for example, this is how you could send messages to Instagram and Facebook Messenger that send disappearing.

How to send disappearing messages on Instagram

Facebook recently released the Instagram disappearing mode. You will use it to send users upon the platform instantly disappearing messages. In Instagram, use disappear mode:

  • Start your smartphone with the Instagram app. Make sure the new update of Instagram is being used.
  • To open all DMs, click on the Message icon in the top right.
  • Open a conversation with the individual you would like a disappearing message to send to.
  • If you’ve started chatting on your conversation, swipe on your chat and join the vanish mode.
  • You can now send some sharp pictures, videos, or messages.
  • After you have seen the message and have finished your confidential conversation, turn off the vanishing mode again.

That will delete all of the histories you have had of disappearing, including any photos, videos, messages, or GIFs. You’ll be informed, similarly to Snapchat, if somebody takes a snapshot of the chat by using disappearing mode.


How to send disappearing messages on Facebook

Facebook has a hidden chat mode in which you can send disappearing messages on Facebook to other users. Take the steps below to make use of it.

  • Start your device with the Facebook Messenger app.
  • Open the conversation with people you would like to send messages that have disappeared.
  • At the top, click on the contact name.
  • Go to Secret Chat by pressing it.
  • Click on either the time icon and set the auto-destruct timer for 5 seconds to 1 day when sending a message.
  • When the other party gets the message, it will vanish automatically after the specified time.

  Facebook provides the disappearing mode feature, as in Instagram. It works very similarly. What you need to swipe into the conversation, chat secretly, and then vanish once you have finished chatting. However, not all users still have it available.


The purpose of today’s post is to provide you with How to send disappearing messages on Instagram and Facebook. Did you like these How to send disappearing messages on Instagram and Facebook

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