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How to Create YouTube Shorts From Existing Videos?

YouTube is the best platform for creating and promoting videos online. The application allows people to create videos and post them on their accounts to reach a wider audience. From common people to business entrepreneurs, everyone creates a channel on YouTube to reach a large audience and gain popularity. 

While the creation process is easy, it has paved the way for more challenges. And so, there arises a need for people to come out with inspiring and innovative ideas. And that is where YouTube Shorts play its role. 

The short-video method is highly popular among users as it consumes little time. So, to stand unique and improve your profile, you can extensively use Shorts. Moreover, take advantage of Trollishly and sky-high your fame for a viral reach of your Shorts. Read the article to learn more about the feature and creation process.

YouTube Shorts – Benefits 

In the fast-paced world, everyone has no time to stop and gradually learn things. And so, people are always looking for short, time-saving, and highly effective content. Also, if brands need to progress in their field, they must impress their audience with what they need. To do that, understanding the needs of the audience is highly necessary. 

Therefore, by using the new feature YouTube Shorts, brands can easily create videos that consume less time and helps in creating quality content. For example, brands can use the existing videos in their gallery or account and change them into short videos to enhance their reach. 

While the videos consume less time, it also has many more benefits that a brand can enjoy. They are as follows. 

  • Amplifies Channel Growth – Short videos for promoting and launching new products or introducing your page to the audience can increase your channel growth much faster. 
  • Increase Visibility – Engaging YouTube shorts will make your audience crave more. So, with the increase in short video views, brands will also get impressions for their long videos, resulting in visibility and discoverability.

Steps to Create Shorts on YouTube 

Creating Shorts is one of the best ways to elevate your business growth. However, if you expect more exposure for your Shorts video, buy youtube shorts likes and experience infinite growth. Now that you have seen the benefits that YouTube Shorts offer, you can follow the steps to create your videos from the existing video efficiently.

#1 Reuse a YouTube Video 

When you want to make YouTube Shorts for the video already in your account library, follow these simple steps. 

  • Open your YouTube account.
  • Go to the Library tab.
  • Tap on the Your Video Option to use a video that you have already published.
  • Open any video that you want.
  • Tap the option Create and select the Edit option.

Remember, this option will appear when your video is two minutes long, and also, this option is currently not used to reuse content from other channels. 

#2 Choose the Clip to Create YouTube Shorts

When you choose a clip to create YouTube Shorts, the app automatically imports your video and the original video’s audio. Then, to create the video easily by saving time, you can scroll to the correct timestamp in the video before converting it into a short video. And if you need a different clip or want to trim a part, you can drag the slider that appears at the bottom screen.

#3 Utilize Editing Tools for YouTube Shorts 

Once you choose the clip, tap on the button Next to begin editing. You can access the Shorts editing tools exclusively as a YouTube account holder. To make your Shorts videos attract users instantly, do the following.

  • Use the Filters option.
  • Before applying the filter, you can see a preview and choose a filter that best suits your video.
  • Once you apply the filter, tap on the option Done. 
  • If you want to add text overlays, tap on the Text button. Also, you can tap the timeline and drag the slider to adjust the time that the text appears.  
  • To change the look of the video, click on the Formatting option. You can use this option to change the background color, font, etc. 
  • After making changes, watch a preview from the timeline screen by clicking the Play button.

#4 Add Video to Your YouTube Short

You can record or add another video when creating Shorts if your video is under the time limit. To know how to do that, follow the instructions below. 

  • To know the length of the Short, tap option 15 or 60, which is above the record button.
  • The red bar will indicate the use of the import content. 
  • After watching it, tap the left arrow to add more clips to your Shorts. 
  • If you want to record a video, then use Shorts creation tools. 
  • And to align the videos well, tap the icon Ghost. Using this option will let you add comments or reactions to the original video.
  • Once you align the video, the filter you applied earlier will also be used for the new content. If you want, you can use it or use the filters option again to give a new look to the content. 

#5 Publish Your YouTube Shorts 

To publish your Shorts in your profile, do the following. 

  • Choose the visibility setting and your audience on the publishing screen.
  • Then add a title that fits your YouTube Shorts. The character should be within 100.
  • After making these changes, tap the Upload button.
  • You can see the newly uploaded video in your channel’s library. 

These steps are necessary to create YouTube Shorts for the existing video in your account. Once you create Shorts for your current videos, your viewers can engage with your videos on a large scale. However, your page reach will not rise tremendously after posting the videos. Instead, the process will be gradual. But if you want your videos to attract a larger audience, try Trollishly and see the visible results. 

Final Thoughts 

Thus, YouTube Shorts are an excellent option to engage your audience and enhance brand awareness. While large videos are essential, using Short videos along with them can capture audiences’ attention for a long time.

Hence, you can build your account using the steps above and gain more profits. And so, do follow these steps and enjoy the benefits that it offers

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