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How to Change Your Zoom Background

Many individuals have been zoom to take online lectures and attend online meetings in recent months due to a coronavirus pandemic that has caused us to operate remotely. However, even if you used zoom for quite a while, you may not know the zoom background feature.  

You may cover your actual background with a customized experience with the virtual background feature. This allows users to hide the great turmoil in the home office and make meetings much more fun, so if you want to use this custom background feature, how to change the background of your zoom.  

How to Change Your Zoom Background

How to Change Zoom Background on Desktop

First, you may add a custom background to the zoom desktop app that gives visual flair to your meeting.  

Note: You may also enable this option if you have a green screen. If a green screen is not available, uncheck it.  

Once the custom background is uploaded, this is automatically applied before a video call is added. Therefore, zoom recommends that users: achieve the best results.  

  • Upload a high-quality picture
  • Find a room with uniform colour and light
  • Don’t wear clothes that matched the virtual background.

  During the video call, you may also change the background. How to do it.  

  • Click on the up arrow next “start/stop” video during the call.
  • Change the option for virtual background.
  • Choose the default zoom pictures or upload your own from your computer in the virtual background section.
  • Click on the plus sign to select the background of your choice. You may then click on “add image.”

How to Change Zoom Background on Mobile

You may change the zoom background through a mobile app in the following instructions.  

  • Run your Zoom app on your mobile phone, then log in.
  • Join one meeting and tap the three points in the bottom right corner after sign in.
  • Open the option ‘More menu’ and tap the background on virtual.
  • Choose the background of your choice to replace the virtual background.

  Well, you got it there! This article explains how to change the background of your zoom. 

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