WhatsApp to Introduce Avatars in Video Calls in Upcoming Update

WhatsApp is planning to introduce avatars for video calls. This new feature is currently under development and will allow users to express themselves as 3D characters during video calls.

The popular messaging app first introduced avatars in December of the previous year, similar to Snapchat’s bitmojis. These avatars have been used by users to represent themselves through stickers, profile pictures, and more. Many users have already created their avatar characters, with some even using them for their profile pictures.

The upcoming update was revealed in a new beta version for WhatsApp on Android (version, indicating that users will soon be able to use these avatars during video calls. This feature is not just limited to video calls; WhatsApp also plans to enable avatars for reactions to status updates. However, it remains unclear what this will look like.

This move aligns with the trend seen across other platforms owned by Meta, such as Instagram and Facebook Messenger, which already allow the use of avatars for video calls. It is anticipated that WhatsApp may soon allow messaging between all these platforms, further integrating the services.

Despite the introduction of avatars, WhatsApp assures that the end-to-end encryption of calls will not be compromised. However, users should be aware that Meta will be using some of their data to enhance the avatar experience.

This update is one of many practical enhancements coming to WhatsApp soon, as the platform continues to evolve and improve its user experience. Currently, WhatsApp allows up to 32 people to participate in a video call simultaneously, but there are indications that this number may increase in the future.

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