How to Create a Payoneer in Pakistan 2023

A Step by Step Guide For Payoneer Account

Do you know having to put off doing company with a customer because there was no reliable way to transfer funds? Pakistan has no chance of competing in the international freelancing economy. PayPal and other companies have refused to work in our country.

People in Pakistan who work as freelancers have benefitted, making 500 million PKR in only a year. Because of their online presence, local businesses can expand their capacity across borders.

There are many factors in action, but the most important is the entry of foreign payment providers into the Pakistani market. Payoneer and other comparable companies are now readily available.

How to Create a Payoneer in Pakistan 2023

In a global world, where borders are irrelevant to bridging trade among enterprises and professionals, cross-border transaction systems are growing more critical. While PayPal took the lead in this field and met the needs of millions of individuals all over the globe, Pakistan, a rapidly developing Southeast Asian country, was left wondering because PayPal’s activities were unavailable in the country.

Payoneer came to help, as it is approved in over 200 countries and 150 currencies. This globally available network makes sending or receiving money easy, flexible, rapid, and inexpensive.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is an online payment method that enables people to create an account; if approved, it will create a digital bank account. If the customer has a Payoneer history, they would be able to receive transactions into the Payoneer account.

People could connect their local banks to Payoneer so they can withdraw money from Payoneer and deposit it into their local accounts. During the application procedure, you can also get a Payoneer bank card. However, this is now simply an optional step.

what is payoneer

Payoneer is a company that provides services related to international money transfers. If you work as a freelancer, you need to have a Payoneer account to accept foreign payments.

You must use a payment platform like Payoneer to get your revenues from freelancing sites like Fiver, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

Payoneer Pakistan

So currently, the most common query is Payoneer account is open in Pakistan. Yes, you can easily create a Payoneer in Pakistan, which is the primary cause of Pakistan’s expanding freelancing business.

payoneer pakistan

Users who create a Payoneer account can receive funds in a designated bank account, which they can later withdraw from banks worldwide. When you register for a Payoneer MasterCard, you are creating a bank account in the United States, then utilized it to perform MasterCard payments. It’s a one-time fee of 100% plus a $25 free incentive. Getting the Mastercard is simple.

In 2016, Payoneer began allowing Pakistan to withdraw money from online Payoneer accounts and deposit it into their current bank account in Pakistani rupees (PKR). For Pakistanis, this is less expensive than withdrawing money from a banking company using a Payoneer debit card.

How to make a Payoneer account in Pakistan?

The process of creating a Payoneer account is simple and quick. Everything will be taken care of for you if you follow the instructions below.

Payoneer is a suitable replacement for PayPal, which is unavailable in Pakistan. Individuals and international businesses located in other countries use it to send money worldwide. Payoneer users are primarily freelancers since Pakistan has one of the world’s largest freelancers.

If you want to use Payoneer’s platform, you must first set up an account. The sender doesn’t need to get it, but they have been charged for it. So, both sides will require a Payoneer account to complete the transaction.

Basic Requirements

Before continuing with account setup, you must first complete the criteria to be qualified to use the Payoneer payment system.

  • You were at least 18 years old to participate.
  • It would help if you had a CNIC that has been verified.
  • It is a requirement to have a local bank account.
  • You should have an active mobile number.
  • It is also required to have an up-to-date email account.

The following criteria must be fulfilled to create a Payoneer account in Pakistan.

Step-by-step procedure

A step-by-step guide to setting up a Payoneer account in Pakistan and getting your first payment quickly.

  • Go to to log in to the official Payoneer website.
  • Click the register button in the new tab that appears.
  • Then, from a list of options, choose one that best describes the type of work you do. For example, you can describe yourself as a freelancer, online retailer, digital agency, vacation home company, or simply a regular person.
  • Then you would have to share your data, such as your complete name, ID card details, date of birth, or postal address.
  • Finally, individuals will be requested to provide their bank’s IBAN and other relevant information.

Applying for Payoneer Mastercard in Pakistan

Payoneer also offers a Mastercard option. The Mastercard would be accepted at ATMs, online businesses, and physical locations within Mastercard’s 210-country network. In Pakistan, the charge for a Payoneer card is $30, which is about 5k PKR.

You are eligible for the Mastercard if you have more than $30 in your account.

Follow the procedures below to receive the card.

  • Open your Payoneer account settings and choose “Payoneer cards.”
  • If you are eligible, an option to Order Now will appear when you have earned $30.
  • Then fill up all of the important information.
  • Your card will receive in approximately 30 days.

Supported Banks for Payoneer in Pakistan

The following is a list of Pakistani banks where you may use your Payoneer MasterCard to make transactions. Please remember that you don’t have to open an account with all these banks to use their ATMs.

payoneer jazzcash 1

Remember that you should only withdraw cash if you have a massive amount of money because the Tax Bank will charge a service charge when you make withdrawals.

If you view your account balance at an ATM, you will be paid $1.00 off the total amount only to check it.

  • JazzCash
  • MCB Bank
  • Faisal Bank
  • Citti bank
  • Standard chartered bank

Payoneer expects to attract more bank partnerships because this is Pakistan’s only money transfer service with a large customer base.

Transaction options in Payoneer

Payoneer allows you to make the following transactions:

  • Payments are made from the Payoneer account to the other.
  • Transferring money from a Payoneer account to a personal account.
  • To an e-wallet from the Payoneer account.

Follow these procedures to make a payment with your account.

  • Go to the Pay option from the homepage, then Make a Payment.
  • Enter the details for the appropriate bank account and the amount to be sent.
  • The payments will be sent to you once you confirm.

Payoneer charges in Pakistan

When you withdraw money from the Payoneer account in Pakistan, standard transaction fees of 3% and exchange rates fees are deducted. It’s costly, and it’s been a point of conflict in the previous when customers had no choice but to utilize certain ATMs for payment transactions.

Then there was the issue of some customers’ daily limits not being sufficient. On the other hand, Payoneer customers may now enter their Pakistani local bank account information and request a transaction. It is less expensive and eliminates a lot of headaches.

last Words

In this post, we covered all about Payoneer generally and its activities in Pakistan.

We clear up people’s misunderstandings and provide a detailed solution to “Does Payoneer work in Pakistan?”

Payoneer due to the lack of competitors and a rise in the number of individuals operating in the global market.

To optimize the savings, it is advised that you use your Payoneer account connected with JazzCash. It offers real-time transactions, a low withdrawal limit, and the ability to manage it all from your smartphone. It could also be used to make online purchases at places like Walmart, eBay, and others.

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