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How to Choose Perfect Light for Your Beautiful Bathroom?

Unarguably, lighting put a huge difference, and the bathroom is the first place to start an incredible experience. Thus, for all guys, boys can do better shave, and girls can ensure the best looks before going out at the night. And even you can see your face perfectly without wearing bifocal safety glasses. Selecting the perfect light for the bathroom can be a challenging decision.

First, you should understand whether you require a strip light or a backlit mirror. Well, there are endless options regarding light. Don’t consider it a personal decision because you need to take it practically that should look pretty. Follow these choices because these little guidelines will probably help you choose the perfect light for the bathroom.

Layer lighting

When picking bathroom lights, you should consider a layer and combination lighting. It means you need a strip light or backlight mirror and uses a strip light below the vanity. For instance, while using the bathroom for kids, all lights should keep on excluding the strip. But for wandering the bathroom in the mid of the night, light up only one lamp that doesn’t become blind while walking in it.

Avoid using downlights

Downlights are generally a practical option for the overall home. But for the bathroom, these lights will cast a shadow no matter at what place you locate them. Many people do the common mistake to hang them straight over their mirror. Therefore, stay away from such placements that cast a shadow on the face. But if these lights are there and you are unable to change their locations, better to change their angle from your mirror.

Use light dimmers

Light dimmers are the perfect option because they give you various choices when it comes to your bathroom lighting. They will give you a spa and soothing-like effect. Besides, when you wake up in the morning, your eyes can take little time to adjust to the brightness.

Must consider the space of your bathroom

Light can either minimize or maximize bathroom space. If a bathroom is small, a backlighted mirror is the most suitable option. This is a perfect way to get a larger feeling than the actual and provide good depth of your bathroom.

Don’t forget to use a wall scone or two

Unarguably, wall scones are an excellent choice because they offer you a soothing light feeling and take a small space. Don’t become crazy because wall scones make a worthwhile statement. But sometimes, small details can make a huge difference. Thus, you can even use scones for the outdoor bathroom.

Bathroom light with the best safety

Well, aesthetics is necessary for the bathroom, but bring safety first like wearing z87 safety glasses for shielding eyes. Keep remembering water and electricity are hazardous companions, thus, electricity is dangerous to associate with water. So, get advice from a professional electrician before settling on a lighting project in your bathroom.

Avoid using freestanding lamps in the center of the tub or sink. Use new outlets on all existing circuits to avoid faulty interruptions. Fixtures should locate from a distance from the tub or shower location that couldn’t get it.

Types of light for the bathroom

Perfect light is a sequence of layers, locate several lights that can use for different purposes like shaving, makeup look, or showers. All certain task lights enhance the mood of a bathroom when you use it for a specific purpose. Follow these instructions to choose the best light for the bathroom.

Task lightening

  • Vanity lighting gear is most considered because this stuff works difficult to brighten the face and head for best grooming. But many people make some common mistakes when applying lighting straight over their bathroom mirror. These lights will cast a shadow on your face and make it more difficult to groom your overall personality. Therefore, scones or vertical fixtures on the sides of the mirror are the perfect light option for your face.
  • Shower lighting is the second most significant task regarding bathroom lights. If your stall consists glass door, you don’t need dedicated staff. Otherwise, I would recommend a glass lens or plastic. Similar fixtures can work well over the toilet of a freestanding tub.
  • Ambient lighting will act like natural light, and it is mostly applied in the mid stuff like a ceiling light. For this reason, you can become more creative and apply a chandelier or pendant light. Thus, there are plenty of options regarding bathroom lights to choose the best one for your bathroom. For example, ceiling lights can provide a soft glow in your overall bathroom.


Remember that the bathroom is an essential part of your home, and it is about you and your family. Therefore, your lighting project would reflect it. For instance, in the case of small children in your home, a pendant light over the bathtub is not a good option. Your bathroom is a significant part of your home, and you should design it as you want to see it.

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