How to check Airtel call details?

How to check airtel call details: Today We can talk to any remote person sitting at home anytime anywhere (how Airtel call details came out). A network is a medium of communication. You couldn’t talk from one place to another until the network was established.

There are many companies available in the field of the network (how call details came out in Airtel), and one of them being Airtel. Now that you have an Airtel SIM too, you may want to know some information about it.

It contains information to view call details of Airtel. Now if you want to know what Airtel calls details and its history, then in today’s article you will know all that. By reading this article, you will be able to know (How to get Airtel incoming call details) and how you can view Airtel call details.

How to Check Airtel Call Details

Friends, if you want to know Airtel number call details, then this article is going to be very useful for you because here we have tried to tell you in very simple and beautiful language. You will also be informed about several methods available to find Airtel call details.

Many times we face problems that make it absolutely necessary to extract call details. Well, there are many ways, but if there is a quick and easy way, we are very happy. It doesn’t matter what the action may be.

Now we want to tell you some terms before knowing the call details, which you must read carefully. These terms will help you a lot in figuring out the details of the call.

Some requirements to get Airtel to call details

To get call details, you have to fulfill certain conditions. You can check these terms below:

  • First of all, you want to know the call details of any airtel number, in that time interval you must have that airtel number, it is absolutely essential.
  • You must have a valid outgoing recharge on this Airtel number so that any call, OTP or other messages can be received easily on it.
  • If you wish to use the messaging method, you must have a valid active email ID. On which the incoming message can be easily seen.

Without these conditions, you can never get close to call details information. Finding call details will be an impossible task for you.

You may have come across many websites that promise to get you to call details. But the fact is that the data in it is wrong. They share completely wrong information. Airtel Company also provides us with call details information. In this, you can find the exact information, which we will present to you today.

Airtel provides a service to extract call details from the last 6 months in the company. In which you can see all Airtel facilities like call history, data usage, etc.

Let us now inform you of all the ways to know Airtel call details in turn. You can use whatever method you want, whenever you want, to solve your problem.

Check Airtel Call Details via SMS (Airtel Call Details Message)

The best way to view the call details of any Airtel number is through messaging. Through this, you can easily get call details. You can know the call history of your number by sending a message to it. Let’s try to know about this process properly in steps.

Step 1: First you will pick up your phone and after opening it press the message icon on it. Now you will see the message box open on your phone. Now you will go to the next step.

Step 2: Now we are giving you a format below, see it carefully, and like this format you have to type the message in your message box.

EPREBILLmonthEMAIL ID and you can send it to 121.

Month – Enter the name of the month for which you want the call details.

In the Email ID, enter the email on which you want the call details.

Step 3: After that, log in to your email id on your phone and check the PDF received on the email id. In this PDF you will find your Airtel complete call details which you can use.

Step 4: When you receive the downloaded PDF, you will know that it is password protected. You cannot open it easily without entering the password. So you have to enter the password. You will get this password in the message box of your mobile and this password will be generated from your year of birth and the last 4 digits of your mobile number. Enter this password in the PDF and open it. So now you can easily check your SIM call details.

How to Extract Airtel Call Details from USSD Code

You have just learned how to get details via SMS. Now we are going to tell you how to get call details via USSD code. Friends, if you want to know Airtel call details from the USSD code, then you can know it easily. For this, we will tell you some steps that you have to take.

Step 1: For this first, you need to open the dialer in your phone and dial *121# to call from your Airtel number.

Step 2: After dialing the number, a message will appear on your phone screen and this message will contain options of services from 1 to 5 digits. You will type 5 which is related to account information and press 5 to send.

Step 3: After that, another message will appear in front of you, in which you have to press 2 to send. This call will be about summaries.

Step 4: After doing this, you will get another message on the screen asking you to proceed by pressing 1. After that, you will now get a message in which the history of the last 10 calls will be available in front of you.

How to Check Call Details via Airtel App

Now you have got information about call details in the above two ways. Now we are going to tell you how to extract Airtel call details through the app. For this, we will tell you the steps. Please follow them.

Step 1: Install the Airtel app

First, you need to take your smartphone and then go to the Google Play Store in it. Then from there, you have to search by typing the name of that app and install it. After successfully downloading and installing this app, open it on your smartphone. Now it will ask your phone to grant some permissions. You allow it. Doing so will take you to the next page on your phone screen.

What is worth noting here is that earlier the name of this app was MY AIRTEL which has now changed to the Airtel app. Many times people will address you by their old name, so don’t worry.

Step 2: Verify Airtel Number.

Now you have to log in using the number in the app. In this, you have to take the help of OTP which will be sent to the registered number. Enter the mobile number and click on SEND OTP. After that verify by entering the OTP. In this, you will now see many options like language, interest, UPI ID, etc. On the next page, it will ask you to grant other permissions. Allow it.

Step 3: Go to the My Airtel option.

Now the home page of the Airtel Thanks app will appear in front of you. Here you will see many options but to view the call history of your number you need to go to the option below.

Click on the “MORE” button shown below. After that, you go to “My Airtel”. Doing so will take you to another screen. From there you have to follow the next step.

Step 4: View calls and transaction history

On this option, you will see some options but you have to click on the “TRANSACTION HISTORY” option. Now all recent last call history will be visible in front of you. Now if you want you can go to the menu with “MODIFY” and select all the months for which you want to know the call details. Now all Airtel’s recent call details and balance deduction lists will also appear in front of you.

How to Check Airtel Call Details from Airtel Website

In this process, you will only need one on the computer or smartphone. This process will only take a few minutes. Let us show you step by step how you can use the website.

Step 1: Visit the Airtel website.

Turn on the internet of your computer or smartphone, open any web browser and enter the Airtel official website address in its search box, which is , now when you click on it, you will get a new page with login information. After that, you click on the login button.

Step 2: Verify the OTP.

Now verify the Airtel number from which you want to get call details information. This requires OTP. Without OTP you will not be able to login into the website.

Step 3: Check the call history.

First, click on the Account button. Then you go to your prepaid section. After that go to the transaction option. Now you will see all the recharges and transaction history. The condition here is that you will be able to know the call history if the balance is being used to make calls.

How to Check Airtel Call Details from Network Service Provider

You must have learned how to easily check your SIM’s call details. Now we tell you how to check the call details of other phone numbers. You will need to contact customer care to resolve this issue. They will not give you the call details easily as it is a sensitive issue.

So you have to share some important information with them. It is the one whose name the SIM is in and their full details mean they feel that the SIM belongs only to a member of their family. They will then thoroughly verify the information provided by you. You will then be able to see information related to that SIM such as call details.

Airtel has become very strict about the personal data and privacy of its customers. So they never want their trusted customer data to be seen by anyone else. OTP authentication is used for security purposes only.

Airtel Call Details Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many months of call details can you get through this?

Answer: Well you can view only one month of call history at a time. You can know maximum 6 months’ call record.

Q: Can you find the call details of other phone numbers?

Answer: Yes, you can but the condition is that the number is available to you.

Q: Can port SIM card call details be tracked?

Answer: Yes, it can be done but the ported SIM is not less than one month old.

Q: Can we remove deleted call history?

Answer: Can be removed but it will be an illegal method.

Here we have tried to tell you all the effective ways through which you can check Airtel call details anywhere and anytime. Apart from these methods, if you take any other method, you may not get help. There may be someone on the Internet asking you to go against the rules in order to mislead or harass you, which turns out to be wrong for you.

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