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How to Split a Merged Document in Word

Businesses that use huge Microsoft Word documents could find it required to split the documents into more manageable sections. To do this, use the “Cut” feature to delete the text part you want to incorporate into a new document.

Complete the procedure more than once for documents that need to be split many times. Only cut the text needed for the new Microsoft Word document each time. This method improves managing data, sharing, and storage.

Split Merged Document in Word

  • Open Microsoft Word. Choose “File” then “Open.” To open the merged page in Microsoft Word, go to it and double-click the file name.
  • Find the point in the document where you want to break it into two. Select all of the text you want to remove and press the “Ctrl-X” keys. The chosen text is removed and copied to the clipboard.
  • Choose the “File” menu and then “New Blank Document.”
  • To paste text from the clipboard into the new document, press “Ctrl-V” at the same time. Both documents may be saved by using “Ctrl-S.” Enter a file name for each file before clicking the “Save” button.

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