Gmail Introduces Integrated Email Translation for Mobile App Users

Gmail has announced the introduction of integrated email translations to its mobile application. This feature has been a staple in Gmail’s desktop version and was conspicuously missing from the smartphone app, leaving users to resort to copying and pasting emails into Google Translate for translation.

The announcement came via Google’s Workspace Updates blog, where it was revealed that native translation has been incorporated into the Gmail smartphone app. The process is designed to be user-friendly. When an email composed in a foreign language is opened, the app will suggest translating the content.

The new feature operates similarly to Google Translate. It autonomously recognizes the language of the email and provides a translation to the best of its abilities. Currently, the app supports translations in 100 languages, mirroring the capabilities of the desktop version.

adding gmail translation to mobile devices anim
Source: Google

For users who do not see the automatic translation option, manual translation can be accessed through the three-dot menu. Additionally, users have the flexibility to customize their translation preferences. If there are specific languages for which translation is not required, the feature can be turned off in the settings. Conversely, users can also designate languages they always want the app to translate.

The rollout of this native translation feature for Gmail is currently underway globally. However, it may take up to two weeks before it reaches all devices. This update marks a significant step forward in making Gmail’s mobile app as functional and user-friendly as its desktop counterpart.

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