Convert SIM Prepaid to Postpaid Jazz – Ufone – Telenor – Zong

If you want to convert your prepaid Jazz, Zong, Telenor, or Ufone sim to a postpaid sim, you can do so as well. In this post, you’ll learn how to change Jazz, Zong, Telenor, or Ufone prepaid SIM cards to postpaid across all networks.  

How to Convert Jazz/Warid Prepaid to Postpaid

In your nearest Jazz Franchise or Jazz Customer Service Center, fill out a request form y our CNIC, and a security deposit is required. You will be asked to use up your prepaid balance before converting it to postpaid.  

After that, you’ll receive your postpaid SIM card. Once your prepaid connection stops working, insert your new postpaid SIM card. Your postpaid SIM will be activated after some time. Know about Jazz prepaid to postpaid conversion, then visit Jazz’s official website.    

How to Convert Telenor Prepaid to Postpaid

You’ll need to bring the following credentials to visit the nearest Telenor franchise.   A copy of the original CNIC and the original CNIC Security deposit following the Price Plan. The franchise charges Rs. 100 for prepaid to postpaid migration.    

How to Convert Ufone Prepaid to Postpaid

Remember that the Ufone number must be registered in your name and that a Ufone change request will be made 60 days after the new SIM activation. You will bring your original CNIC and active Ufone SIM card to visit the nearest Ufone Franchise store or Ufone Service Center.  

For the conversion from Prepaid to Postpaid, please use up all of your SIM balance before requesting; provide a security deposit according to the package. Now charges will apply for this conversion. By visiting your nearest Ufone Franchise, you can easily convert your prepaid number to a postpaid number.    

How to Convert Zong Prepaid to Postpaid

Conversion from Zong prepaid number to postpaid is restricted for 90 days. A 90-day restriction will apply to the first conversion from Zong prepaid number to postpaid.  

If a prepaid user wants to switch to a postpaid package while MCA is active, they will receive an error message saying,

“For prepaid to postpaid, they need to deactivate MCA before migrating into the Postpaid package.”  

To convert to Postpaid, it will take about 15 minutes.

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