How to Send Audio Messages to Anyone Using Google Assistant

Google Assistant will do a significant amount for us, and one of them is to send messages. But Google Assistant is not just sending text messages or reading them now. You can also directly send audio messages via Google Assistant to your contacts.

How to Send Audio Messages Using Google Assistant

You must give it another command to send an audio message in your voice with Google Assistant and select the contact and message. So here’s how your Android phone is going to work.

Steps to Send Voice Messages

1. Start Google Assistant to send an audio message to your phone either by saying “OK, Google,” or by swiping on the home page in the lower-left corner.  

2. After that, say, “Send audio to [Contact Name].”  

3. Google Assistant will ask you to check the contact if you have many same name contacts or many numbers to choose a phone number.  

4. Next, you will be asked by Google Assistant to choose the application you want to send an audio message. Usually, this includes the SMS or WhatsApp app.  

5. Select the mic and start speaking after you choose the app.  

6. You have a chance to listen to the message until you’re through with the recording. After that, you may choose to cancel it or send it.  

7. Send a message, and the recipient receives an audio message from their selected SMS app if you say to send it.  

You will use Google Assistant on your phone to send audio messages. Audio messages are fun and convenient, especially if you don’t want to touch anything on your phone.

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