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How to See Someone WhatsApp Messages Without Having Their Phone

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging service that has taken its place on almost every individual’s phone. Chats are encrypted in the app, making it a secure platform. But given the rise in cybercrime even on this platform, how secure are they?

WhatsApp crime is at an all-time high, from random anonymous messages asking for money to unknown links that can be dangerous to follow. So, if you’ve been under the illusion that this text messaging app can’t be entered, wake up!

Anyone you know closely, such as your children, spouse or parents, can be harassed by someone on WhatsApp. But if you know something is bothering them, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Plug in your spy gear and let’s learn how to see someone’s WhatsApp messages without touching their phone.

See Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Without Having Their Phone

There are several ways to access someone’s WhatsApp conversations. Check them out, then decide which plan is easiest for you to implement.

Using WhatsApp web

WhatsApp web is a feature from the app creators and it can help. This feature is free and very simple to use. However, it has a few limitations that you must overcome. You need access to the target’s phone for a short while. Make sure they don’t use their phones or leave the house without them to kick off the plan.

You also need their phone’s passcode to unlock it. Finally, make sure you already know their WhatsApp passwords, if any. If you’ve checked out everything you need, here’s the method you should follow.

  • Take the target’s phone and What’s up?
  • You should go to the Connected devices by tapping on three vertical dots on the screen.
  • You should tap the Connect a device option on this new page. You should see a browser.
  • Go to WhatsApp Web in your computer’s web browser.
  • Do you see a QR code? Now bring up the target’s phone’s browser to scan the QR code on your computer.
  • There is the target phone’s WhatsApp where you can see the activities of each.

Cheating MAC address

While WhatsApp is the most widely used app for instant messaging, it has its shortcomings. And in this case, we must be using one of these flaws to monitor other people’s messages on the platform.

We should advise you not to use these methods in bad faith. But remember, this technique is not easy to implement, so even if you know the steps, the success rate here is pretty low. You should have both your and the target’s phone for a few minutes.

The best action is to delete your WhatsApp app and Mac Address from the target’s device. you will find below the About/About Phone department settings, Depending on whether it’s Android or iPhone.

you should install an address spoofing app To change your MAC address to match the destination and then reinstall WhatsApp. Android users should use BusyBox and iPhone users should use MacDaddy if they have doubts about spoofing apps. Finally, be sure to enter the target’s phone number and verify it using the code it received after reinstalling WhatsApp on your phone.

Last Words

We’ve come to the end, so let’s review the key points of the blog. We discussed how we can see someone’s WhatsApp messages without touching their phone. For this, we have presented you with three options, each with a different difficulty level.

We discussed using WhatsApp Web with you before moving on to how MAC spoofing can be beneficial. Finally, we covered third-party apps like mSpy and eyeZy. Which of the techniques we suggested was effective for you?

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