How To Turn Off ‘You Might Be Interested In’ Section On Twitter

Twitter’s ‘You might be interested in’ section is a feature that has been met with mixed reactions from users. While it serves to maximize Twitter’s in-app real estate by suggesting trending or sponsored posts, many users find it intrusive and irrelevant. Despite the complaints, this feature remains almost impossible to disable altogether, indicating its effectiveness from Twitter’s perspective.

The Cunning Blue Birdy

While it’s challenging to entirely disable the ‘you might be interested in’ section, there are ways to make it less intrusive. This involves delving into the privacy settings of your Twitter account and making some adjustments. However, it’s important to note that these changes may not take effect immediately and some suggestions may still appear, albeit less frequently and less annoyingly.

The Muted Words Trick

One way to reduce unwanted content from your feed is by muting certain words. This can be done by navigating to Settings and Privacy, selecting Privacy and Safety, and then choosing Muted words under Safety. Here, you can add comments, usernames, or phrases that you wish to block. Some keywords that can help eliminate the ‘you might be interested in’ section include suggest_who_to_follow, suggest_recap, suggest_pyle_tweet, suggest_recycled_tweet, suggest_ranked_timeline_tweet, suggest_activity_tweet, and share_tweet_to_pocket.

Your Twitter Data

Another method involves adjusting your Twitter data. This option is best accessed on a desktop but is also available on mobile devices. Under Settings and Privacy, select Account, then tap on Your Twitter Data under Data and Permissions. Here, you can modify Interests and Ads Data, which includes Interests from Twitter, Inferred Interests from Partners, and Tailored Audiences.

Get Rid of All Push Notifications

If you’re overwhelmed by the number of push notifications from Twitter, there’s an option to disable them all. Go to Settings and Privacy, select Notifications, then choose Push Notifications under Preferences. You can also disable Email notifications in the same menu.

The Advanced Filters Trick

Twitter’s Notifications Low-Quality filter is designed to keep subpar content at bay. By default, it’s turned on when you install Twitter, but all of its advanced options are off. Enabling these filters can help sift through tweets and profiles that most people find annoying.

Disable All Personalization and Data

Twitter collects data about your browsing history, location, and more to provide personalized content. To disable this, go to Settings and Privacy, choose Privacy and Safety, and tap Personalization and Data. Hit the master button next to Personalization and Data at the top of the window to stop Twitter from tracking your behavior.


Despite the challenges, it’s possible to minimize the intrusion of the ‘you might be interested in’ section on Twitter. While Twitter introduced this feature to enhance user experience based on preferences, it’s clear that not all users appreciate it. Therefore, these steps can help tailor your Twitter experience to your liking.

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