How to See Blocked Numbers on an iPhone?

You will block phone numbers, addresses, and emails on your iPhone by following some basic steps. Also, you can flag iMessages that appear spam by filtering unknown senders’ messages. You will no longer be able to reach you if you block your iPhone contact. But what if you block somebody accidentally or change your mind later? You can unblock a caller, so you first need to determine how blocked numbers can be used on an iPhone?  

It’s easy to see blocked senders in the messages and the mail app if you already block anyone and you want to view the list. In addition, the Settings app has a tab that helps you see all the contacts stopped on your iPhone.    

How to see the blocked numbers on an iPhone 

It would help if you did a couple of things to access the blocked user list on your iPhone. The Settings app will easily view the list, and you can follow the step-by-step instructions below.  

1. Press the Settings button on your home screen to access the Settings menu.  

2. Scroll down and click on “Phone.”  

3. To test the contacts, tap on “Blocked Contacts” in the folder “Call Silencing and blocked contacts.”  

How to See Blocked Numbers on an iPhone?

  With the help of multiple iStore apps, you can even search blocked numbers on the iPhone. This is, however the easiest, way to find the blocked iPhone number.    

View blocked numbers iPhone for Facetime

You can manage users on FaceTime from the settings of the iPhone. For example, the list could be viewed, new users added, and existing contacts removed.  

1. Go to ‘Settings’ and scroll down to ‘FaceTime’ on your phone home screen.  

2. In the “Calls” menu, select “Blocked Contacts” to see the list.  

How to See Blocked Numbers on an iPhone?

  You should take these steps if you want to block a caller on FaceTime:   When using FaceTime, click the button ‘Info’ next to your phone number, contact, or email address. Then, tap the Block this Caller scroll down to the bottom of the list.    

View blocked senders in the Mail app

The blocklist of email senders can be used in the same way as all blocked accounts. By using your phone’s Settings app, you can access blocked numbers on the iPhone.   1. In the ‘Settings’ menu, choose Mail from the dropdown.   2. From the threading menu, select ‘Blocked.’  

How to See Blocked Numbers on an iPhone?

How will iPhone mail contacts be blocked?   Open a ‘contact’ email which is blocked in the Mail app. Tap on ‘Block this Contact.’    

How To Remove/Unblock number from an iPhone?

Select ‘Phone icon’ then go to ‘Settings.’ The next step will be taken.   Click on ‘Blocked’ Click. It will show your phone’s blocked numbers and emails.  

Next to it, the ‘Edit’ icon appears.   Any emails or numbers you would like to remove from the list can be selected and “unblocked.” Next, the numbers that you have selected are deleted. Then, the blocked numbers can be phoned again. Notice that you must first unblock it before you dial a blocked number.    

How to see messages from a blocked number on an iPhone

Once the caller has been blocked, it would not leave either message, iMessages, and SMS on your iPhone. This means that you may not see messages already blocked, but you can unblock them and re-access messages with a few taps.    

How to unblock messages on your iPhone

1. Open the phone’s Settings app.  

2. Select ‘Phone.’  

3. From the dropdown menu, select “Call Block & Identification.” You can see all the phone numbers that you have blocked on your iPhone.  

4. Swipe a left number to unblock and tap “Unblock.”    

How to filter messages on your iPhone

If you do not want them to fill up your text list, you can filter iMessages from people not on your contact list in their tab in the messaging app. This makes it easier to handle messages without anonymous senders having to blacklist them. Follow these steps to allow this filtering:  

1. Open the “Settings.”  

2. From the dropdown menu, select “Messages.”  

3. Swipe the ‘Filter Unknown Senders’ button to the right.    

How to check blocked numbers called on iPhone?

You now cannot say whether you have been called on your iPhone by a blocked number. The default iOS blocking tool needs a feature allowing you to see the history of blocked calls.

If the answering machine for the iPhone is already programmed and a previously blocked contact is being sent via a message on the reply machine, the message will be saved from the last round of Blocked calls. In this way, you will check if you called the number you blocked by listening to the voice message left on the answering device of your iPhone.    

Final Words

Above was a complete guide for finding blocked iPhone numbers. You can leave a voicemail when you block a contact, but you won’t be able to get any alerts. Messages will not be sent or received. Furthermore, the contact will not be notified of blocking the call or fax. You will automatically be put into the trash folder when you block an email address in the Mail. Both Apple devices have email blocking available.

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