How to Move WhatsApp Group Chats to Signal Private Messenger

Today in this article, we will talk about How to Move WhatsApp Group Chats to Signal Private Messenger. We will know all the answers to the How to Move WhatsApp Group Chats to Signal Private Messenger. So stay with this article to know in more detail about move chats.    

With the latest WhatsApp privacy policy, Signal became one of the most grossing instant messaging applications for Android & Apple. As a result, some people are now moving to Signal Messenger from WhatsApp.

The most significant hurdle they faced, though, was the complexity of transferring the group chats. Therefore, we will inform you of a clear and fast way in this article to transfer your WhatsApp Messenger Group Chats to Signal Private Messenger App.    

Move WhatsApp Group Chats to Signal Private Messenger

Two separate channels include Signal Private Messenger and WhatsApp Messenger. Unfortunately, there is no direct way to move the groups or chat groups to Signal Private Messenger from WhatsApp Messenger. However, we do have a fast solution in that you can make some people turn in a hassle-free way to your group on Signal.

This can be achieved by forming a new Signal Messenger group, receiving a connection to the shareable group invitation, and posting the same on your WhatsApp Messenger. Then, people will join the Signal Messenger group without having to invite them one by one manually. Follow the steps given below then you will be able to move WhatsApp Group Chats to Signal Private Messenger.    

1. Create a New Group on Signal

  • On your phone, open Signal Private Messenger (Android / iOS).
  • In the bottom right corner, press the Pen button.
  • Now, press the New Group option.
  • You will have to allow at least one contact from the platform to create a group on Signal Messenger.
  • If required, give your group a name and a group photo.

  • Once the group chat is created, open it.
  • Now, at the top, tap the name of the group.
  • Tap on Group Link on the next screen.
  • Turn on the shareable group link, press the toggle.

  • Click on Share, if you get the link of group. 
  • Copy the group link to click on Copy.
  • Now, open your WhatsApp Messenger and send link on WhatsApp group.

  The link to your WhatsApp group can also be shared directly using the ‘Share’ feature in Signal. Click Share >> Share >> Tap WhatsApp >> Choose WhatsApp Group to do so.  

The participants from your WhatsApp groups will now tap the connection to access your group on Signal. Of course, if you choose to accept new members to join the group link individually, you can always toggle on “Approve new members.”  

You may also customize who may join new members, all members, or just admins. Group calls, too, support disappear texts, similar to one-on-one conversations.    

Signal Group Limitations

Signal allows a limit of 1000 members in the group, higher than the limit of 256 persons for WhatsApp. And so, on WhatsApp, you can merge members from multiple groups into one group on Signal Private Messenger.

Group voice and video calls have also been introduced by Signal, allowing up to 8 members on android, ios, and windows pc at a time.    


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