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How to Know Who Viewed Your Telegram Post

Often considered an alternative to WhatsApp and SMS, Telegram is a superb platform to interact with your community. Established in 2013, Telegram is essentially an app used for sharing messages. The platform offers clear and simple browsing of chats.

As Telegram employs a cloud-based server, you could transfer infinite files using the application. So, it puts an end to your concerns regarding your device’s storage capacity.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Telegram is that it enables you to establish group conversations that may contain as many as 200,000 members. Other than handing on messages, you may tailor the look of each one of your chats.

Telegram also has a secret chat service, which guarantees end-to-end encrypted messages. There are corporate as well as public networks on this site. While specific channels are closed communities where individuals need to participate, any user could join a community group.

It is essential to observe that you won’t discover a private channel in search engine results if you’re a subscriber of that particular network. That’s not everyone; you could reach out to individuals out of your contact list via public networks on Telegram.

You could be keen to know whether there’s a method to discover who watches the material you post on Telegram. However, before we try to find an answer to this, let us first try figuring out what precisely Telegram postings are.

How to Know Who Viewed Your Telegram Post

With Telegram, you may post unlimited messages between groups, channels, and personal conversations. But is there a method to determine who has read these postings about Telegram groups and channels? Currently, it is difficult to determine who saw your posting on a Telegram group and channel.

However, you can discover the number of individuals that saw the post. Would you like to know how? Then, please follow the instructions stated below.

  • Open the Telegram on your device and click on the Telegram channel where you published the post.
  • Check the bottom right section of the relevant post.
  • Here, you can notice the number of individuals who have seen your Telegram post.

When it refers to Telegram groups, you could see a list of users who have visited your conversations. However, this method worked only for small groups, and the data is provided after you sent the past seven days.

Therefore, you only have seven days available to analyze the views of the post that you have posted in the Telegram group. Want to discover how to see the views? Consider following the step-by-guide described below.

  • Open the app on your device and navigate to the group on that you have published a post.
  • Give a simple click on the post. The views on your post will display above the Reply tab. For example, if the view number is 5, you will see 5 Seen.
  • Tap on the number of views. As quickly as you click on it, the individuals who have seen your post will show on the screen.

We believe that by following the procedure stated above, you would be able to see the list of individuals who have visited your post. However, users can only check the number of individuals who have seen your post on a Telegram channel. Therefore, the telegram won’t expose people’s identities who saw your post.

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