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How to Check the Number of SIMs Issued on Your CNIC Number

Mobile phones became the norm for Pakistani citizens back in 2000. However, the fall in rates and easy public access gave cellular subscribers a sharp boost during the following years.  

This is why purposeful technology has been misused. Some criminal acts and terrorist threats soon became apparent in connection with unregistered SIMs.  

In 2009, PTA implemented an advanced SIM information system to solve these issues. The system has been developed to digitally record the number of active SIMs provided against its CNIC by SIM users.

If you are not aware of or would like to check or block the number of SIM cards given against your CNIC, kindly keep reading.    

How many SIMs can be registered on one CNIC?

First of all, it is important to realize that the number of SIMs you can get at your CNIC is limited. According to the PTA regulations, an individual may have up to 5 SIM cards at a time.

You must first block the SIM card that is not in use to ensure the consistency of up to 5 SIMs while you have 5 SIM cards registered with your CNIC and want to obtain another one.  

How to Check the Number of SIMs Issued on Your CNIC Number

How to check the active SIMs issued on your CNIC?

You must obtain this information as soon as possible if you are not aware of the active SIM cards issued against your CNIC.   You can do this in two simple ways:  

Through Website:

Go to the PTA SIM Information Website to check the number of issued SIM cards and use them with your name.  

How to Check the Number of SIMs Issued on Your CNIC Number
  • The link would open a web page to ask that your information be entered.
  • In the field, you enter your CNIC number.
  • By checking the verify box that I’m not a robot, and click ‘Submit’.
  • A list of registered SIMs will be shown in a tabular form against this unique CNIC.
  • The total number of SIMs that you have registered on your CNIC is listed from an operator’s perspective and the table would also show the total number of Sims.

Through SMS:

Here is a short guide to check out the number of SIMs that your CNIC has registered via SMS:  

  • Open your phone’s text message app.
  • Without any hyphens, type in your CNIC number.
  • Send the message to 668.
  • The total number of active SIM cards for any CNIC operator you get will be seen in the text of a reply in the next step.
  • Please note that for each SMS you send to 668, you will be charged PKR 2 + tax.

  You must contact the Customer Service Center of the respective company operator if you find that the number of SIMs issued on your CNIC is more than the current number of SIMs you are using.  

How to Check the Number of SIMs Issued on Your CNIC Number

What is SIM Cloning and why should you know about it?

Transfering cloned SIM information to another SIM card is called SIM cloning when a SIM card is duplicated. If this is completed, another user will use a separate SIM card on a different mobile phone, with all the data plus the original SIM card charges.  

SIM cloning is a popular way of many criminals doing illegal activities and making calls that use someone else’s name. Anyone who makes a call from your not made number promptly calls the cellular company and files a complaint to disable the SIM card is illegal.    

PTA Biometric Verification System:

A major step by PTA in checking the safety of phones and the illegalization of mobile phone connections is the PTA Biometric Verification System or BVS. You can easily use this system:  

  • Get a duplicate SIM
  • Buy or activate a new SIM card
  • Change ownership of the previous SIM card registered with another CNIC
  • Verify your SIM card again
  • Solve portability issues mobile number

How to get biometric verification of your SIM card?

You must verify if you are using the SIM that PTA knows to ensure that your registered SIM card is not blocked. To get a verified biometric SIM, first, you have to verify whether or not the SIM card is registered.    

How to check the owner’s name of the SIM card?

You should take these simple steps to find out the name of the owner of the SIM:  

  • Open your phone’s Text Message App.
  • Send a blank message to 667.
  • A reply SMS message showing the name of the SIM owner from which the message was sent will soon be sent to you.
How to Check the Number of SIMs Issued on Your CNIC Number

How to block a SIM card registered on your CNIC?

It is best to block the mobile SIM. However, if you want to dispose of any mobile SIM, you don’t need to block the CNICwhat you can do:   

  • Visit the mobile company’s nearest franchise or customer service office.
  • You must show your original CNIC and fill out a related form to block your required number immediately.

Note that it is a crime and the consequences to take illegal or unregistered SIM cards. Therefore, to avoid being caught in illegal activity, you must search immediately for the solution if you use a non-registered SIM card or SIM card in someone else’s name.

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