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How to fix MOV Format Videos not playing on Android

Hello friends! Today in this article, we will talk about How to fix MOV Format Videos not playing on Android. We will know all the How to fix MOV Format Videos not playing on Android. Stay with this article to know in more detail.

Day by day, Android smartphones are more grown-up. The time of 3GP videos was gone, and this quality was previously inferior. Today, up to 4K resolutions and almost every video format can be supported by smartphones. This is due to the progress of the Android phone video codecs.

How to fix MOV Format Videos not playing on Android

Have you ever been trying to watch a movie on Android Smartphone, and does it not play for unspecified reasons? This usually happens for iPhone-based videos. In reality, iPhone uses various video codecs, usually in MOV format, to encrypt and decode this video.

It means that your Android phone does not have the correct video codec for recapping this video if a MOV-format video does not play on your Android phone. This guide explains that how to fix MOV videos of iPhones that don’t play on Android phones.

Use MX Player to play the MOV format videos

The video decoder for MOV format videos is not supported by the Gallery app on a smartphone. When you watch this video, an error will be thrown on your display screen, which says Video failure. You cannot fix this problem and make the gallery video player play this video, but more choices are available.

Maybe you knew about the MX Player application. Like VLC in Windows Laptop, MX Player App is a top-rated and powerful video player app for smartphones. You already have installed the MX Player app on your smartphone, and if not, go to Google Play Store and install it for free. This Application has many video codecs and can play every video format on the smartphone.

If you do not play the video with the standard video decoder, you should use the other option. It uses Hardware Decoder by default. Hardware Decoder + (HW +) is also another upgraded version usable. And if no hardware decoder operates, then Software Decoder can be checked.

After the MX Player App is enabled in your Android smartphone, open the Application and go to the folder you would like to watch in MOV format videos. Next, click on the video that you want to play. The best video decoder for the playback is instantly chosen by the MX player App. If this does not work, you can fix the codec from the upper right corner (change the HW to HW+ or SW).

In the MX Player App, you will find a different setting for encoder and decoder in the MX Player Setting. Go to the MX Player App page and go to the menu bar to click on three parallel lines. Now, Scroll down and then click on Setting for Local Player. You can see the decoder option on the next tab. Click on it, and you can control all decoder options for the file system, like HW+ or SW decoders, if not activated.

How to Convert MOV format to MP4 format on Android

The other way of playing Android MOV videos on iPhone is to move them to MP4 videos. Unfortunately, MP4 is just like a basic file format that all phones accept. And there is no feature built-in to change MOV videos format to MP4 videos on Android Smartphones, but you will also use MOV apps for this.    

Google Play Store provides lots of applications to help transfer MOV videos to MP4 format videos without ever changing the quality of the video. The MOV format to MP4 format Conversion app is one such Application. This application can be easily downloaded and installed on your Android phone. First, open this and allow storage access after installation. Next, in the bottom right corner, click on the folder button.  

This opens your screen picker file. Now go to the video folder and insert it into the Application. In the following pop-up box, the title and folder of your MP4 format video can be chosen. Other than that, you could also use the normal “Same quality” video quality with your MP4 format video. Video resolution of 1080p (HD) to 240p are available in any form.    

Click on the tick mark button to continue when you have enabled all settings. Now this Application starts to change your MOV format to MP4 format video. The length, size, and quality of the video can take some time. Using any video player application, you will usually play that MP4 format video on your Android smartphone.  

The MOV format to MP4 format Converter application has another valuable function to convert many MOV format videos to MP4 format videos simultaneously. This work is called Batch Converter. The converting process of the files is about the same as we have discussed above. However, in the Batch Converter feature, you have to choose several videos, and now the rest will be managed by the Application.


The purpose of today’s post is to provide you with How to fix MOV Format Videos not playing on Android. Did you like these How to fix MOV Format Videos not playing on Android?

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