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How Is Snapchat Score Calculated

Snapchat has mastered the art of increasing user interaction? They have gamified their app with the Snapchat score, a mysterious number that shows how active you are on the social networking platform. Snapchat, however, has not revealed how that score is determined.

The Snapchat FAQ regarding this score refers to it as an “ultra-secret unique equation.” They suggest that the number of snaps you have sent and received is a part of this equation. They do mention “a few other factors.” In short, you can be confident that being active on the app will improve your score, but you won’t know how.

Understanding Snapscore

Some tech blogs and third-party sites have attempted to decipher these ratings in order to determine how Snapchat behavior impacts them. Several of them have discovered certain elements in common. Yet, app makers never corroborate these findings. Use this as food for contemplation.

Snaps Sent and Received – Snapchat has previously confirmed that these basic functions contribute to the overall score.
Users Added – How many people do you follow? How many people do you know?
Snap Frequency – How frequently you use the app.
SnapStreak Length You can have SnapStreaks with friends by sending and receiving snaps over several days in a row.
Posted Stories – How frequently do you post stories?
Bonus Points for Coming Back – According to multiple sources, if you haven’t used the app in a while and then return and start snapping, your score will be increased.

In short, use the Snapchat app frequently and make use of its tons of features. If you do this, you will get a high Snapchat score.

How to Find Your Snapchat Score

How can you find out your Snapchat score so you can compare it to your friends? Are their results bigger than yours? It’s easy than you think to find your Snapchat score.

  • Tap on your Bitmoji icon or the circle in the top left-hand corner if you don’t have a Bitmoji icon to access your profile screen.
  • Under your Snapcode image, look for your Display Name. Look under there for more details. Your Snapchat Score is the number that appears between your username and zodiac sign.
  • Tap the Snapchat Score to display two additional numbers. These are the total amount of snaps sent and received.
  • Tap the Snapchat Score to display two additional digits. These are the total number of snaps sent and received.

Don’t add to the number of pictures sent and received. That will not affect your score in any way that makes sense.

How to Find Your Friend’s Snapscore

How can you find your friend’s SnapScore now that you know your own? Do they have a higher point total than you? Snapchat does not have a leaderboard where you can look at the most active users. Instead, you must check the scores of your friends’ profiles individually.

  • Swipe right from your “camera” screen to start a chat window.
  • Find the user in question.
  • Tap on the “user profile icon” to view their display name, username, and score.


Your Snapchat score will not get you access to any unique Snapchat features. That will make it more difficult for people to locate and follow you. Technically, it does nothing useful. You do earn awards which you can show off to your friends.

In terms of security and safety, keep in mind that websites will mislead you into believing they can artificially improve your score if you give them money. They can’t do what they say, and the trouble of finding out the hard way isn’t worth it.

Take a lot of pictures, make new friends, and appreciate your internet trophies. You’ll be on your way to a better Snapscore in no time!

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