How to Embed a Picture in Gmail

Inline images help to context your email communications. When used correctly, an integrated picture can help to brand your company and create confidence among your customers. Gmail allows you to include photos in your email messages.

However, how the embedded picture appears on the recipient’s end is primarily determined by the settings defined on the receiving device. Recipients can configure their email program to download only text and reject all incoming images. This protects against possibly harmful downloads.

How to Embed a Picture in Gmail

  • Click the “Compose” button, then type your message and choose your recipients.
  • Drag the picture into the message text section that you want to include in your email message. Place the image in the “Drop Files Here” field.
  • Drag the image to where you want it to appear within the message.
  • To send your message with the embedded image, click the “Send” button.

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