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How to Disable iPhone Security

If you have set up a simple passcode to protect your iPhone 5, you may disable it under the device settings. When you disable security, you will be requested for the existing passcode, therefore if you forgot your iPhone passcode, you will be unable to disable security through this method. However, you must clean your device and reset it, or restore a backup, just as you would with a new device.

How to Disable iPhone Security

  • To open the Settings menu, click on the “Settings” icon on the iPhone 5 home screen.
  • To enter the General Settings screen, select “General” from the Settings menu.
  • To enter the Passcode Lock Settings screen, click on the “Passcode Lock” option.
  • Fill in the blanks with your passcode.
  • Select “Turn Passcode Off.”
  • To disable this feature on the iPhone, enter the passcode again in the passcode fields.
  • To quit the Settings menu and go back to the home screen, press the “Home” key.

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