Teleschool App Launched in Pakistan to Provide Free Online Education

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif unveiled the Teleschool Pakistan App, which would provide online education to kids in classes 1 to 12. The initiative will further change Pakistan’s official education medium.

Referring to the importance of modern technology in education, PM highlighted that if they wanted to provide the young generations with the most up-to-date education, they would have to provide them with laptops and other related devices, so that the nation’s future builders could become acquainted with the new modes of education.

He stated that around 100,000 laptop computers will be provided to high achievers across the country.

The prime minister also proposed that the vocational training program be expanded in partnership with provincial governments and the corporate sector.

Instead of investing in building and mortar, he believes that businesses should invest in young students by providing them with technical and skill training.

PM Shehbaz further stated that a network of Daanish schools will be established in remote areas of Balochistan. The government will invest heavily in this. The prime minister also emphasized the need of meeting the educational needs of orphan children. He stated that providing the most up-to-date education to the next generation should be their life’s goal.

The Prime Minister also appreciated the work of the federal minister, the ministry, and other partners. He stated that it was a good day for the country’s education industry. Because cutting-edge technology would be used to further increase educational quality.

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