Telenor load reversal code – How to return Telenor load 2023

In this article, We will discuss the Telenor load reversal code if you mistakenly sent the Telenor load to another wrong number and want to retrieve this load. In this article, you get the Telenor reversal code 2023 to get your load back quickly. So, you have to read the complete post because these methods will help you return your Telenor load.    

How to Return Telenor Load? – Telenor load reversal code

You have mistakenly transferred a load to another incorrect number, and now you want to restore the load balance. Just follow the simple steps to return the Telenor load.  

  • Firstly, you ask your Telenor retailer for your Transaction IDand MPIN code.
  • Open your mobile phone dialer pad and *777*55*MPIN*Transaction ID#.
  • After few minutes you will get back your Telenor load.

How to Return Telenor Load by Call?

Another method is to return your Telenor load easily. Just follow some easy steps.  

  • Open the mobile dialer pad and Dial 345545.
  • Now, provide the agent with the transaction ID, MPIN, and other details about your problem.
  • After that, your problem has been solved and you will get back your Telenor load.

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