Ufone Free Facebook internet packages 2023

Hey friend! Ufone SIM users looking for free Facebook internet packages can check out this post. You’ve landed on the right page. Ufone’s free internet packages are listed below. Due to today’s hard times, Facebook has become a must for our enjoyment. We can interact with each other and share joyful and sad moments on Facebook.  

Because of this, we require high-quality internet data at the lowest possible prices to maintain uninterruptable access to Facebook. Furthermore, due to its care for its customers, Ufone gives several free facebook internet packages so that they may make the most of every moment.   Here are the package details are given below:  

1.Ufone Free Facebook

As we indicated before in the introduction, Ufone offers Free Facebook to its 2G and 3G subscribers without any subscription fees. Just subscribe to the Free Facebook bundle, and you’ll have unlimited access to Facebook!  

How to subscribe to the Free Facebook internet Package

Ufone’s free Facebook offer is activated by dialing *3434# from an active Ufone SIM card. It’s a limited-time offer from Ufone, but users must subscribe just once, so the offer won’t expire until the offer’s time restriction has been reached. Specific terms & conditions could be in applying.  

Terms and Conditions

  • Offer available to all Ufone 2G and 3G SIM users.
  • Facebook application and Messenger will be available to Ufone’s free Facebook package users.
  • It is not possible to use audio and video calling on Facebook with this offer because it does not support it.
  • For audio and video calls, Ufone’s standard charges will apply.

Special Daily Package

In Pakistan, this is the only service given by any Internet provider.  

PriceFacebook DataValidityActivation code
Rs.5500 MB1 Day (1 am to 9 pm)*3461#

Power Hour Offer

Unlimited Facebook data is available to Ufone users with this awesome Ufone free internet package. The details of the Ufone Power Hour offer are shown below.  

PriceFacebook DataValidityActivation code
Rs. 660 MB with Unlimited Facebook
60 On-net minutes, 60 SMS
1 Day*99#

The Ufone internet packages listed above provide free, unlimited access to the Facebook social network. Unfortunately, the time has run out to take advantage of Ufone’s good offer! Share this information with your friends if you find it useful.

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