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How to set full Picture DP on Whatsapp 2023

In today’s article, you will learn that. Who will install full DP on WhatsApp?, we keep changing Whatsapp DP i.e profile photo from time to time. You will want to put your full picture in WhatsApp DP. But if you don’t know Who to put my full photo on WhatsApp?then this article will be very useful for you.

Have you ever put a DP on WhatsApp? So you must know that in WhatsApp you can apply DP only in square i.e. 1:1 ratio. If you are on WhatsApp. Introduction picture In addition to my face, I also choose a full body or a photo with friends. So only the face is visible in this too.

In such a situation if you want to do without WhatsApp or WhatsApp cropping. GB WhatsApp Either FM WhatsApp I want to apply up with the whole image. So today we are on mobile Who will install full DP on WhatsApp? You will learn step by step. After which you don’t have to crop the entire image. And the whole picture will be taken in WhatsApp DP.

There are 2 ways to apply full DP on WhatsApp. who is this?

1. Without any app

2. Whatsapp full by up app

So let’s proceed with these two methods. How to put full dp on Whatsapp? In 2023 they know.

How to Add Full Photo on WhatsApp 2023

Friends! If you from Play Store Full dp download on WhatsApp without app Want to put? So for that, there is a feature in your smartphone’s gallery app to edit photos a little bit. With the help of this, you can create a full-size photo for WhatsApp DP.

So Without the app Follow the next steps to set full DP on WhatsApp.

1. Open this full-size image in the smartphone’s Gallery app.

2. Now click on the edit icon.

3. Then select the Frame option.

4. Then click on the right tick (√).

Doing so will save the complete profile photo to your smartphone. Which you can now use as DP on WhatsApp.

How to Add WhatsApp DP Full Photos

Friends! There is no photo editing feature in your smartphone gallery. so you Full dp installer app on WhatsApp With the help of WhatsApp you can create a very nice profile picture of DP size. And you can put it in WhatsApp DP. Follow the next steps for this.

1. From the Play Store in the smartphone Full Image DP Download the app.

2. Now open the app and click on the select photo.

3. Then select that image by clicking on the gallery option.

4. Then adjust the image. And click on the download icon above.

5. Now you can download this image by clicking save a gallery to your phone. Or by clicking on WHATSAPP DP, you can directly apply DP to your WhatsApp.

In this app, many features are available to edit WhatsApp DP in step 4. This way you can install Whatsapp Full DP on your phone.

How to add DP on WhatsApp

For WhatsApp DP in the above article Full profile photo Made it and saved it on my smartphone. So now put this image in your WhatsApp dp, How to Install Whatsapp DP These are.

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Now go to the Settings option by clicking on the three dots.

3. Then click on profile photo ie DP and select the camera icon.

4. Then select that image by clicking on the gallery.

5. Finally click on Done.

After doing this, DP will be set in your WhatsApp with a normal or full profile photo.

FAQs on setting full picture in WhatsApp

How to get full dp in WhatsApp?

The process of applying full DP in WhatsApp is very simple. For this first convert tall or large images to a 1:1 ratio. Then set this image as DP in WhatsApp settings.

What are the full DP apps on WhatsApp?

Go to google play store to make images as dp size for WhatsApp. Whatscraping, Full Image DP, Media Crop There are apps, etc.

Last Words

In today’s artic, le you will install full DP on WhatsApp. would have learned I have told you about both methods. Keep in mind that you cannot directly set any tall image to full size on WhatsApp DP. If so, the image will be cropped.

So Full image in WhatsApp without cropping To apply, first scale the image to a 1:1 ratio. Then put this image in WhatsApp dp. If you liked this article, share it.

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