How to Recover Deleted Tinder Messages

Besides its successful dating services, it belongs to one of the most varied business groups online. Tinder’s method for managing over a billion submissions per day and using machine learning to get a strong grasp of human relationship behavior and improve the matching algorithms appropriately is one of its most exciting features.  

For anyone interested in learning more about dating, the database’s 150 thousand images and more than 1.5 billion motions provide a wealth of information.  

For a while now, Tinder has been experimenting with new algorithms that allow other users to view a different version of your profile picture when you create a profile. Afterward, Tinder keeps track of who has swiped right and left on you and rearranges the photos to first display the most popular ones.  

However, there are instances in which emails just vanish from your inbox. To recover these talks, charming flirting, and phone numbers, you could be doing all you can. The trend of Tinder deleting messages has nothing to do with fate, yet it is unfortunate.  

How to Recover Deleted Tinder Messages

Because of this, Tinder messages are disappeared, and you’re not sure where they went. Here are all the methods you can use to recover your deleted Tinder messages. Continue reading if you’re interested.  

1. Recover Tinder Messages through iPhone Backup

Tinder messages can be restored from an iPhone backup. You can read your iPhone backups using the Backup Extractor app on your phone. You can find and restore your Tinder messages in this method, even if you’ve unmatched someone. So there’s still a possibility you will be able to restore your conversations. However, keep in mind that only Tinder account holders have access to other people’s messages.  

To avoid having your Tinder message rewritten, we don’t advocate this method. So, although you will still have access to the old messages, all of your data will be deleted after the backup is complete.  

2. Joyoshare

If you’ve mistakenly deleted Tinder messages and want to get them back, use this application. It’s professional software for recovering iPad and iPhone data. There will be no exhaustive of your current iPhone data. Then you will be able to restore over 20 different types of data, including WhatsApp conversations, videos, pictures, and Tinder messages.  

Tinder messaging recovery is an easy method that anybody can use, even if they have no prior knowledge of iOS data recovery software. You will be able to restore all of your deleted Tinder messages with Joyoshare.   iCloud, iTunes, and the device’s internal storage, can all be searched for and restored using the app. In addition, all Tinder messages and other personal data can be restored immediately, even if your device is lost or stolen.  

Recover Deleted Tinder Messages Step by Step

If you used Tinder’s backup option, you could restore the conversation from your iCloud backup if you did. Follow the steps given below.

  • Log in to your iCloud account after choosing the iCloud recovery method.
  • Install Joyoshare on the phone after downloading it. Then, choose ‘recover from iCloud’ from the menu at the top of the screen.
  • Take a look at your iCloud backup, then download and unzip the Tinder messages.
  • Click on the ‘recover’ option to get your deleted Tinder messages back.

You have completed your task! If you are using iTunes, simply do Step 1 in iTunes mode.  


You will also need to restore deleted Tinder conversations from your phone sometimes. For example, you could be looking forward to recollection messages or recently had some excellent chats with individuals and feel the need for the conversation recovery. Anyway, we hope these ways we have described above will be useful for recovering your deleted Tinder conversation quickly!

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