How to Read a WhatsApp Message Without Notifying the Sender

Smartphones are great for keeping us connected and accessible at all times, but they aren’t always a good thing. Of course, turning our phones off is rarely an option, just in case something important comes up, but can we be expected to be at everyone’s beck and call all of the time?

WhatsApp messages are only one of many modern invasions that arrive on our phones without regard for what we are doing or how we are feeling. Of course, we sometimes want time to think about what we want to say before responding, but we do not want to appear disrespectful by not responding right away. We know, however, that they are aware that we have read it.

And that’s the issue: WhatsApp makes it way too obvious when someone has seen your message. It is convenient when you send the message, but it is less so when you are the one receiving it. It is impossible to hide beneath the bed and pretend it never happened.

So, how do you let someone know you have seen their WhatsApp message? The most obvious method is to use the tick symbols that appear after each WhatsApp message: one grey tick is sent, two grey ticks are delivered, and two blue ticks are read.

How to turn off WhatsApp read receipts

There are two ways to get around WhatsApp’s tick system: the official and sneaky methods.

If you do not want anyone to know when you have seen their messages, the official method is better, but you will have to accept that you would not be able to tell when they have read yours.

If you only need to accomplish this ad hoc basis – maybe you are only avoiding one individual rather than the entire world – the covert method is better.

The sneaky way to get around WhatsApp read receipts

There are several methods for reading WhatsApp messages without the app noticing. Unfortunately, most of them are enabled by your failure to open the app in the first place.
You can view WhatsApp messages without having to open them in the following places:

  • Notification previews can be found at the top of your screen, in your notification menu, and even on your lock screen.
  • WhatsApp’s widget for the home screen
  • On a smartwatch or fitness tracker that can receive WhatsApp updates
  • While in Aeroplane mode on your phone – but only for as long as it remains offline

In Settings >> Notifications, you can enable high-priority notifications. When they arrive, they will show at the top of your screen, where you can read them and then swipe them away without ever having to open them.

You can also get lock screen notifications by going to Settings >> Notifications and looking for this option under Messages.

Blocking someone should only be used as a last resort, especially if you want to keep your relationship. To do so, open the conversation thread, tap the three dots at the top, and select More >> Block from the menu. If you take this route, do not forget to unblock them later.

They would not know whether you have received their message as long as you are blocked, but there will be other signs: your profile image and status will vanish, none of their messages will appear to have been sent, and they would not be able to phone you.

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