Mazedar Chicken Dish Recipe

Mazedar Chicken Dish Recipe – Add some flavour to your everyday cooking. Prepare the Mazedar Chicken Dish recipe online by visiting this page. This site contains all the components needed for preparation as well as a step-by-step procedure. In the remark section, please share your thoughts on the Mazedar Chicken Dish.

Person 4
Time 0:45 – 0:35


  1. Chicken:half kg
  2. piyaz:2
  3. Hari mirch:5/6
  4. Lehsen:aadhi pothi
  5. Timater:2 (dermiyane)
  6. Chilli garlic sauce
  7. Lemon juice:4 table spoon
  8. Safed zeerah(pisa howa):thora sa
  9. Namak


  • Piyaz,hari mirch,lehsen,timater ko thora boil kerlen phir grind kerlen,Chicken ko oil man fry ker ke ye sari cheezen daal den or khoob bhonen,jub oil chorde to chilli garlic sauce,lemon juice,safed zeerah or half tea spoon kali mirch daal den jub gosht gel jay to dhaniya chirek ker otar len,or germa garem naan ya roti ke saath tanawol fermaen.
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