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Experience Native Advertising Excellence and Innovation with MGID

MGID is a global advertising network that specializes in native advertising. Founded in 2008, MGID has grown to become one of the largest native ad platforms in the world. Their focus is on helping publishers monetize their websites through native advertising, which has proven to be an extremely effective form of digital advertising.

Native ads blend seamlessly into the look and feel of the content they appear on. This leads to higher click-through rates compared to banner ads. MGID leverages this by serving contextually matched native ads on publishers’ sites. These ads complement the surrounding content, leading to a better user experience.

Over 80,000 publishers from around the world currently use MGID to monetize their sites. The company delivers over 3 billion native ad impressions each month. Their global reach and targeting capabilities make MGID a great monetization partner for publishers.

This review aims to provide an in-depth look at MGID from a publisher’s perspective. As native advertising gains popularity, more and more publishers are considering MGID as a monetization option. This review aims to help publishers understand what MGID offers and whether it’s the right fit for their website.

By the end of this review, publishers should have a clear understanding of how MGID works and what to expect as a publisher partner. This will allow them to make an informed decision about whether MGID is the right native ad network for their website.

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Target Audience

This MGID review is primarily aimed at digital publishers and site owners who want to monetize their content through native advertising. Ideal users include:

  • Bloggers
  • News and magazine sites
  • Niche websites
  • Forums and online communities

MGID is suitable for publishers who:

  • Want to maximize revenue from native ads
  • Require geo-targeted advertising
  • Need detailed analytics and reporting
  • Have high-traffic sites as well as lower-traffic niche sites

Publishers looking for display ads, pop-ups or other disruptive ad formats may want to consider other ad networks. But those focused solely on native advertising will find MGID provides extensive options.

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MGID Requirements

MGID recommends publishers have at least 5,000 daily unique visitors to maximize earnings. However, they do work with lower-traffic sites as well. At a minimum, publishers need to have original content and a site free from copyright infringement.

MGID also suggests having at least 30 posts, each containing 500+ words. Images and videos are encouraged as well. The content should be high-quality and well-written. Sites with grammar issues or thin content tend to perform poorly.

Prohibited content includes violence, illegal activities, pornography, profanity, hate speech, and copyright violations. All content must comply with MGID’s publisher terms and conditions.

Comparison to Other Ad Networks

Compared to Google AdSense and, MGID’s terms and conditions are relatively straightforward. They do not prohibit the use of pop-ups or other ad networks. Their main requirements are to provide high-quality content and comply with their editorial guidelines.

MGID is generally more flexible than AdSense when it comes to site design and content. As long as your site provides a good user experience, MGID is unlikely to suspend your account. However, they do reserve the right to stop working with any publisher that violates their conditions.

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Is MGID Safe for Publishers?

Yes, MGID is considered safe for publishers to use. They have been operating for over 13 years with no major security issues reported. MGID only displays high-quality ads from known advertisers, reducing the risk of malware.

They also offer a dedicated support team to help publishers with any issues. Your earnings and data are secure when using MGID. As long as you comply with their terms, MGID is a reliable partner.

However, MGID should not be your sole source of ad revenue. A diversified ad strategy across multiple networks is always recommended to minimize risk.

MGID Monetization and Earnings

MGID requires a minimum deposit of $100 to start. However, it’s recommended to deposit between $500 – $1500 initially. This provides enough budget to test multiple ad variations and gather sufficient performance data.

MGID offers a 25% welcome bonus on deposits between $1000 – $5000 for new accounts. This allows you to maximize your initial advertising budget when first getting started.

MGID Minimum Payout

Payout methodDescriptionFeesThreshold
PayPal Normal PayPal fees apply100 USD
Bank Transfers
Tipalti bank transfer  For all US and non-US bank accountsFor payments above 1000 USD: n/a100 USD
For payments below 1000 USD: – eCheck (non-USD) – 5 USD – Wire (non-USD) – 16 USD – Wire (USD) – 26 USD
ACH bank-to-bank transfersBeneficiary’s bank is located in USAFor payments above 1000 USD: n/a1000 USD
Additional Fees may apply by the recipient’s bank, if he has it installed on the receipt of funds
International bank-to-bank transfersInternational wire transfers (Beneficiary’s bank is located outside USA)For payments above 1000 USD: n/a1000 USD
Additional Fees may apply by the recipient’s bank, if he has it installed on the receipt of funds

Support and Account Management Benefits

With a minimum deposit of $500, MGID assigns a personal account manager to help optimize your campaigns. This provides access to an advertising expert who can help tweak targeting and creativity to increase earnings.

You also get up to 10 ad variations tested per campaign with account manager support. This allows thorough optimization to determine which creative, positioning, and angle perform best.

Innovative Features and Formats for Campaigns

MGID offers traditional native text ads as well as advanced formats like native video and native carousels. These ad units match the surrounding content while capturing more user attention.

Other features include A/B testing capabilities, custom reporting, bulk editing tools, and API integrations. MGID constantly adds innovations to help publishers maximize revenue.

Reporting and Analytics Capabilities

MGID provides detailed analytics on key metrics like impressions, clicks, CTR, conversions, and more. You can segment data by time, geographic region, device, ad unit, and other parameters.

Real-time reporting allows optimization during live campaigns. Tracking links and pixels enables connecting MGID data with your other analytics tools. Robust stats help inform optimization efforts.

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Usability and User Experience

Registration Process

Registering with MGID is simple, requiring only basic info like name, email, site details, and payment information. MGID reviews all applications to confirm sites meet their publisher guidelines.

Once approved, you add the MGID code snippet to your site. This automatically serves native ads matched to your content. The

Overall, the setup process takes less than 10 minutes for most publishers. MGID aims to make integration seamless.

User Interface

MGID’s interface is clean, modern, and easy to navigate. The main menu provides access to key features like reporting, account settings, billing, and support resources.

Key metrics and performance data are displayed on the dashboard for quick access. Filters and customization options make digging into the details simple.

The interface is available in several languages, allowing publishers from around the world to use MGID effectively. The design focuses on usability.

Performance and Efficiency

MGID provides accurate, real-time reporting on key ad performance metrics. Data is processed quickly, with most stats updated multiple times per hour.

This enables publishers to monitor campaigns closely and detect trends as they happen. Having reliable data is crucial for identifying optimization opportunities.

Speed and Responsiveness

The MGID interface is fast and responsive. Pages load quickly without lag or delays. Actions like saving changes or pulling reports take seconds.

MGID’s servers easily handle large traffic volumes from global publishers. Speed is essential for making timely decisions using the platform.

  • Impression and click data begin updating within the hour for new campaigns
  • Changes to geo-targeting or other settings reflect almost instantly
  • Support requests via live chat get a response within 60 seconds during business hours
  • API calls return JSON data without timeouts or latency issues

MGID focuses heavily on performance. Their infrastructure can scale to handle heavy workloads efficiently.

Is MGID Worth the Investment?

For most mid-tier publishers, MGID provides an excellent return on investment. The combination of competitive rates, strong performance, and bonus funds makes MGID a cost-efficient monetization platform.

Large publishers may be able to negotiate even lower CPC rates based on their traffic volumes. But for average sites, MGID’s pricing is quite attractive.

Customer Support

MGID provides publisher support through:

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Skype
  • Telegram

Support is available 24/7 for urgent issues. During normal business hours, chat and phone support is extremely responsive. Email tickets generally get the first reply within a few hours.

Quality of Customer Support

MGID’s support team is knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. They understand the platform’s intricacies and can guide for maximizing your earnings. Support agents explain things clearly for both beginner and advanced users. Their expertise helps resolve publisher questions or issues efficiently.

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Pros and Cons

Advantages of MGID

Here are some of the key benefits MGID offers publishers:

  • Large native ad inventory from recognized advertisers
  • Competitive CPC rates and attractive bonuses
  • Strong geo-targeting capabilities
  • Innovative native ad formats like video and carousels
  • Detailed real-time analytics and reporting
  • Responsive account management and support
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Fast approval process

Disadvantages and Limitations

Some potential downsides to consider include:

  • Lower RPM compared to display ads
  • Limited customization options for advertisers
  • Must meet minimum traffic requirements
  • Not suitable for sites with very restrictive content policies

Alternatives to MGID

Top Competitors in the Native Advertising Market

Some top competitors to MGID include:

  • Taboola
  • Outbrain
  • Revcontent
  • NativeAds
  • Adnow

These platforms provide similar native ad capabilities at scale. Each has its strengths and weaknesses compared to MGID.

Comparing Features and Pricing

Taboola and Outbrain offer larger advertiser reach, but their CPC rates tend to be higher. Revcontent has lower minimum traffic requirements but fewer ad formats. Smaller networks like and NativeAds provide personalized support and competitive rates for niche sites. Adnow is fully RTB-based. MGID strikes a strong balance between customization, competitive pricing, and support. But every publisher’s needs are unique.

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Is MGID Worth Using?

Yes, MGID is worth considering for publishers focused on monetizing through native advertising. Their years of experience, range of ad formats and solid rates make MGID a viable option. MGID isn’t necessarily the single best network for every publisher.

But it deserves strong consideration alongside competitors like Taboola and Outbrain. For publishers that value strong optimization capabilities, responsive support, and competitive CPC rates, MGID is worth using.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get approved to join MGID?

Most publishers are approved within 1 business day after providing their site details and payment information.

What ad formats does MGID offer?

MGID supports native text, native video, native carousels, and contextual banners. Their focus is on high-performing native ads.

Does MGID allow popups and other disruptive ads?

No, MGID strictly serves native ad formats designed to match surrounding content. Disruptive ads like popups are not permitted.

Can I use other ad networks along with MGID?

Yes, MGID allows publishers to use other ad networks together as long as policies are followed. A diversified ad strategy is recommended.

How is payment handled?

Publishers must deposit funds upfront into an MGID account balance. Earnings are credited to this balance in real time. Payouts can be requested whenever your balance exceeds the $100 minimum.

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