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K-Electric Bill Online Check | K-Electric Duplicate bill Print 2023

Would you like the monthly K-electric bill to be available online? If you’re looking for a way to pay your monthly power bill, your bill online can be found in no time.

You only need your account number or your consumer number to either pay your monthly payment or receive your duplicate bill.  

The Karachi electricity supply company’s core responsibility is to serve its customers on monthly bills, electricity issues, and electrical maintenance.    

What is K-Electric?

K-Electric is an electrical supply company acronym for Karachi. The company was founded in 1913. In 2005 the government of Pakistan later privatized it. Since then, Karachi Electric Supply Company has changed its name to K-Electric.  

K-Electric serves Karachi, with around 22,2 million people, one of Pakistan’s biggest cities.

Approximately 30 customer centers are available in specific: Bahadarabad, Baldia, Bin Qasim, Clifton, Defence, FB area, Gadap, Garden, Gulshan, Johar I, Johar II, KIMZ, Korangi, Landhi, Liaquatabad, Liyari I, Liyari II, Malir, Nazimabadm, North Nazimabad, North Karachi, New Karachi, Orangi I, Orangi II, Saddar, Shah Faisal, SITE, Surjani, Tipu Sultan, Uthal.    

K-Electric Bill Online Check

K-ELECTRIC has a deep service that delivers monthly online monitoring services for your K-Electric bill. You now have easy access to this facility to check your bill for the month. Furthermore, this method is easy and requires no additional skills to check. It requires your 13-digits Account Number, 08 digits Consumer Number, and your monthly electrical bills, including both numbers.  

You Can Check your K-Electric Duplicate Bill Online Print or View all Details you need to know.  

Enter Your Reference Number

How to check K-Electric Bill Online? – K-Electric bill online

We are going to share a straightforward method. But, first, follow some guidelines given below.  

K-Electric Bill Online Check | K-Electric Duplicate bill Print 2021

K-Electric bill online estimator or calculator

Here are a few more features of this website that enable you to calculate or estimate the monthly cost. This will bring you the perfect amount you’ll be charged after a month.

The bill has several changes because the tax on the bill is applied. The following are the taxes and their names.  

  • Income taxes
  • Additional surcharges
  • Tariff rate
  • Sales Tax
  • Any other surcharge
  • Funds

Working on the K-Electric Bill Online Calculator

This calculator operates with the information supplied by you and is user-pleasant software. The software shall take the quantity or number of units expected and multiply them by the rate at which they fall in line with the tariff rate provided by the Pakistan Government.  

  • Enter the monthly units number that you expect.
  • To estimate the bill section, press the calculate button.
  • In no time will an amount appear.
  • This is the amount you will pay as the electricity bill for your next month.

SSGC Contact Details

You may now contact SSGC to solve all questions if you are faced with any problems associated with your bill.  

Working Hours

Working Hours from 9 am to 5 pm. Saturday and Sunday will be off.    

How to Pay SSGC Bill Online

You can pay your SSGC bill easily online using online banking, jazz cash, or easy paisa.

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