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QESCO online bill 2023 – How to Check Duplicate QESCO Electricity Bill Online

QESCO is the name for Quetta Electric Supply Company, which has provided customers with various options. One of the most effective payment systems is the online check-and-pay method. You no longer have to stand in long lines at banks in hot weather to pay your SSGC payments.

You may make a copy and a payment at the same time here. Around the clock, QESCO is ready to serve clients in its service region. It’s a place where customers can interact with ease and without hesitation. Find out about QESCO duplicate bills, QESCO bills, and other related terms.    

How Can You Check Qesco Online Bill?

A number of the services provided by QESCO are deemed satisfactory by its customers. For example, when you use QESCO, you may quickly check your bill and make payments, which are made on time and without charges, etc.

Users of the Internet must first use an Internet browser to perform the search. Chrome, Firefox, and Mozilla are the most commonly used browsers by most Internet users. Find an online bill website in the second step.   

The customer may then verify their invoices on the screen and click where necessary once they have been closed. Please enter your 14 digits reference number in the appropriate box and press “enter.” A month’s worth of bills has been delivered. Whether your connection is home or commercial can be easily identified, and nothing is concealed.    

How To Get A Reference Number?

Whether you’re looking for information on your electric connection, your monthly payment, or any other details, you’ve come to the right place! To enter your reference number, which you do not have at this time, click on the appropriate box. Using your previous monthly bill, you can get your reference number.  

Enter Your Reference Number

Instructions For Printing Online Bill

Our website allows users to print their bills online—simple, type in your reference number. Automatic generation of the invoice is carried out. Afterward, customers are required to complete the following tasks.  

Go to Internet Explorer you use. You can access the webpage by selecting it from the file menu. Choose paper size. A4 is the recommended size. From the file menu, most people access the print command. Press Ctrl + P if you have a printer installed.

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How To Get Duplicate Qesco Bill?

QESCO’s primary aim is to fulfill the needs of its customers. You must also keep our customers out of suffering. Bill copies are available to customers through the company’s services.    

Payment Methods For Qesco Online Bill

You no longer have to leave your office or home to pay your account; you may do it online from your workstation, home, or office. You’ll need to follow a few easy steps to do this. There are some ways to pay your Quesco online bill.  

  • Pay your Qesco bill using an Android app created by a bank.
  • You can pay with JazzCash.
  • You can pay your Qesco bill online with EasyPaisa.


QESCO online bill calculation?

There is a calculation on the bill for the Qesco bill. If you want to learn more, visit the official QESCO bill calculation website.    

Can I use a new connection online of QESCO?

To get a new QESCO connection, you must first visit the QESCO office. Then, fill out the form for a new connection, ensuring that you know all of the conditions.    


Quetta Electricity Supply Company (QESCO). Baluchistan’s power is provided by QESCO. Compared to other Pakistani electrical firms, it’s a small corporation. It generates electricity in the Baluchistan city of Quetta.    

Working Hours:

Monday to Saturday, the Qesco office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sunday will be off. There is a two-hour break for Jummah prayer.    

Contact details of QESCO

Office phone: 9202211  

Cell number: +92 346 8337272

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