WhatsApp is Getting Email Verification Feature Soon

WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new feature that will enhance the security of its users’ accounts. The company is currently prompting a select group of beta testers to confirm their accounts using their email addresses. This development was first reported by WABetaInfo, a reliable source for WhatsApp updates.

The introduction of this email verification feature is part of WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to bolster account security and prevent unauthorized access. The feature has been in development since August, according to reports. Although it is currently in a limited testing phase, it is expected to be rolled out to all users soon.

The process of email verification is simple. Users are required to enter their email addresses and then wait for a verification message. There are no additional steps involved, making it a user-friendly security measure.

However, email verification is not the only feature that WhatsApp is working on. The company is also planning to introduce multiple user profiles for a single account. This will allow users to log into an account with an email address. Other upcoming features include the ability to skip forwards or backward in a video, pin messages, and send media as documents to preserve quality on iOS devices.

In addition, WhatsApp is set to enable the archiving and pinning of community group chats, start group calls with up to 31 people, introduce message reaction filters for communities, and make changes to the Updated tab. The company is also planning to introduce polls in channels and an updated design for the whole app on both iOS and Android platforms.

While there is no specific launch date for these features, they are all expected to be introduced soon. These developments highlight WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing user experience and security, ensuring that it remains a leading choice for users worldwide.

Ahmad Ali

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