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How to scan QR code on iPad and iPhone

As long as you know what you’re doing, scanning QR codes on your iPhone, iPad, or another iOS device is a simple and easy process. If not, you have to find the right spot.  

Very few websites, stores, and locations use QR codes to connect or store information. Voucher code websites and connections to other websites with contact information.  

Because Apple has included a QR code reader right into the iPhone and iPad, scanning them is quick and easy. So often, like with any computer software, you have to figure out what you’re doing or how the iOS system knows what you’re doing. You can find out how to search a QR code with this simple guide.  

How to scan QR code on iPhone

  • Enable the Camera app on your iPhone or iPad
  • If you have opened the camera, you can easily see the QR code on it.
  • Your device will detect the code, and it will display a message to you.
  • Code destination can be accessed by tapping on the message.

How to scan on iPhone and iPad

On your iPhone or iPad, first, open the app. Usually, you’ll find it on your device’s main page, in its bottom-right corner. On iPad, it’s on the first page.

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