How To Make Beehives in Minecraft

Minecraft offers players a unique opportunity to experience beekeeping without the risk of painful stings. Setting up a bee farm in Minecraft is relatively simple, allowing you to harvest as much honey as you desire. However, before you can start your bee farm, you need to understand how to craft a beehive and learn some essential bee-related tips.

How To Create Beehives In Minecraft

Crafting a beehive in Minecraft requires two primary resources: honeycombs and planks. Specifically, you will need six planks and three pieces of honeycomb for each hive. Once you have these materials, follow these steps:

  1. Set out your crafting table.
  2. Open the crafting menu.
  3. Place three planks along the top row of the crafting grid and another three planks along the bottom row.
  4. Put the three pieces of honeycomb in the center, creating a sandwich-like structure with planks at the top and bottom and honey in the middle.
  5. Collect your newly crafted beehive and place it into your inventory.

Note: You can use any type of plank, and it’s possible to mix and match different colors. The result will always be the same, so you can use different plank types to make as many beehives as needed.

Set Up Your First Beehive

Setting up your first beehive can be time-consuming as you need to prepare the necessary tools, find bees, etc. However, once you establish the first hive, the process becomes simpler. You can harvest honey from that hive to create more hives, expanding your bee farm as much as you want.

Using Beehive

A beehive serves as a home for bees, similar to a bee nest. It can accumulate honey and honeycomb over time. The only difference is that nests occur naturally in the game world, while hives have to be crafted. Each hive can house up to three bees.

You can set up multiple hives near your home or village to effectively create your own bee farm. This setup will provide you with a constant supply of honey and honeycomb. Honey is a useful healing resource and crafting item, while honeycomb is used for waxing and crafting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get bees in my beehives?

To attract bees to your hives, you can hold a flower in your hand, which will lure the bees to follow you. Alternatively, you can use a “Silk Touch” pickaxe to break a nest and transport the bees and their nest to your home, or use a lead to guide them.

How do bees make honey?

Bees fly around during the day in search of flowers to gather pollen and nectar, which they take back to the hive to convert into honey over time. They’ll only go up to 22 blocks from their nest or hive, so ensure there are plenty of flowers in the surrounding area to speed up honey production.

How do I break a hive without hurting the bees?

The only way to break and carry a hive in your inventory without harming the bees is by using the “Silk Touch” enchantment on a pickaxe. This method is useful when you want to move hives or nests to new locations.

Do I need to use campfires on beehives?

While not necessary, it’s recommended to use campfires on beehives when harvesting honey or honeycomb. If you try to harvest resources without the fire, the bees will become hostile.


Starting your own bee farm in Minecraft can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. With the right resources and knowledge, you can create a thriving bee farm and enjoy a constant supply of honey and honeycomb. Happy beekeeping!

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