How Many Times A Day To Post To BeReal

BeReal is known for its unique feature that encourages users to capture and share a dual-camera photo once a day at a random time. The app’s primary goal is to promote authenticity and reduce excessive time spent on social media. However, since its inception, BeReal has undergone several changes.

How Many Times A Day To Post To BeReal

Initially, BeReal was designed to send a single notification each day, prompting users to take a simultaneous front and back camera photo. Users could preview their upload before hitting the “Post” button. The first BeReal post is required immediately after setting up an account, which involves entering personal details, adding friends, and enabling notifications.

Bonus BeReal Feature

In April 2023, BeReal introduced a new feature called Bonus BeReal. This feature rewards consistent users who post daily by allowing them to upload one or two additional photos on the same day. The Bonus BeReal option appears next to the first post of the day, and users can upload extra photos by pressing the “+” button. However, if the first BeReal post is late, the Bonus BeReal feature locks until the user gets back on track with timing. Currently, this feature is only available in select regions.

Deleting and Re-uploading BeReal Posts

While BeReal emphasizes spontaneity and authenticity, it does allow users to delete their post and upload a new image. However, this can only be done once. For late posts, users can delete and re-upload as many times as they want, with the new time displayed next to the post. If a retake is deleted, another BeReal cannot be added until the next notification goes off.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is BeReal the only app that limits daily posts?

BeReal is among the first popular apps to implement a one-photo-per-day rule. However, other social media platforms are continually evolving and introducing similar features.

Can you post content other than photos on BeReal?

Currently, BeReal only supports photo posts. However, users can add music to their posts from Spotify, with plans to integrate other streaming platforms in the future.

Does deleting a BeReal post also delete my Bonus BeReals?

Yes, deleting the first daily BeReal will automatically delete any Bonus BeReals. Therefore, Bonus BeReals should not be used as a do-over option.

Do Bonus BeReals stay in your Memories?

Yes, just like regular BeReals, Bonus BeReals are stored in your Memories and can be viewed later by visiting your profile.


BeReal continues to evolve while maintaining its core principle of promoting authenticity. Whether the introduction of additional daily posts contradicts its original concept of reducing time spent on social media remains a topic of debate among users.

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