Hajj Application draw Result 2022

Ten lakh residents and visitors would be eligible to do Hajj this year. The Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah has provided Hajj information. By 2022, 10 lakh residents and foreigners will be allowed to do Hajj, as per the Minister of Hajj and Umrah. The age requirement for persons conducting Hajj is 65 years old. The PCR testing must be negative 72 hours before arriving in Saudi Arabia to get the benefits of Hajj.

Hajj Application draw Result 2022

The Minister of Religious Affairs and Religious Peace will reveal the draw results for travelers selected under the government structure for the Hajj 2022 today.

Compared to last year, the Minister of Religious Affairs has gotten a record number of Hajj applicants. The deadline for submitting the Hajj application to the minister via approved banks around the country.

So far, the government has gotten 335,353 applicants under the government program. A total of 280,617 requests were submitted last year. This year, up to 179,210 Pakistanis are anticipated to make the annual journey.

Hajj Application draw 2022

Pakistan’s Hajj quotas were decreased to 143,368 in 2013; however, it has been raised to 179,210 people.

According to the policy, 60% of all pilgrims would be supported by government schemes, while 40% would complete their religious obligation via private Hajj companies.

Hajj Application Qurandazi 2022

Successful applicants will be notified by letters and messages, and their results will also be published at www.hajjinfo.org and www.mora.gov.pk.

Hajj Applications 2022 Result or list of Successful Applicants

You can receive the Hajj Application 2022 Result in Hajj Pilgrimage Draw; then, you are at the right site as an applicant; you simply need to enter your registration details and your valid CNIC Number on this site and then click on the search bar.

The Saudi government has notified Pakistani Religious Affairs that the state’s Hajj quotas have been enhanced for 2022, implying that at least 5,000 additional Pakistanis would likely do Hajj.

Successful List of candidates Hajj draw 2022

After the balloting is completed, an SMS will be delivered to the candidates, informing them of the results.

The Balloting results will also be available on the internet today at the end of the day.

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