First Online Air Taxi Service Launched in Pakistan

Pakistan has created its first online air taxi service, transforming air travel for the country’s residents. Through a user-friendly smartphone app, users may book air travel according to their desired time and destination.

The formal leasing agreement for the DA 40 Diamond series aircraft was authorized at the Civil Aviation office at the launch.

Sky Wings Aviation’s chief operating officer (COO), Imran Aslam Khan, expressed his enthusiasm over this critical milestone. After a successful test flight, the aircraft designed for aerial excursions landed in Pakistan and can carry four people.

This air taxi service’s major goal is to provide emergency transportation from Karachi to remote places in rural Sindh and Balochistan via aerial excursions. The aircraft, manufactured in Germany, has a peak speed of 160 kilometers per hour and a range of 2,000 kilometers.

Citizens will be able to choose their preferred time and location for flight travel using the new smartphone app. The cost of this novel air taxi service will be much cheaper than that of traditional charter services. The air taxi service will launch eight aircraft of varied sizes, with intentions to increase the fleet soon.

Individuals from many walks of life can use this service. The trip from Karachi to Gwadar will take around three hours, whereas Nawabshah may be reached in one hour and fifteen minutes. Sky Wings has also launched an air ambulance service, as well as a one-day pilot program.

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