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How to Find Candy Canes in Pet Simulator X

How to Find Candy Canes in Pet Simulator X Episode 2 of the Christmas 2022 Update has arrived! BIG Games, the company that made the game, has prepared many fun surprises for the community to enjoy.

Pet Sim X Candy Canes, on the other hand, seems hard to find. You will need these to finish the new Christmas Event Quest. Here is the way to get candy canes in Pet Simulator X.

How to Find Candy Canes in Pet Simulator X

So how do you get Candy Canes in Episode 2 of the Pet Sim X Christmas 2022 Update? In Christmas Event Mission #2, players will need to find 100 of them. It says “Break 100 Sugar Canes,” so you’d better get to work.

The problem is, they’re not in the new “normal” Christmas/Winter world. It seems you can only find them in “hardcore” mode at the moment. We don’t know if this is a bug or something that should happen but we couldn’t find it in normal game mode. There are a lot of them in hardcore though.

So open the game, go to the challenging Christmas World and search the spawning grounds to get them. You’ll find them along with other easy-to-break things.

Coins, chests, safes, etc. The best way to get them fast is to send your pets alone and break as many things as you can. Since everyone wants the candies, you will need to act fast to break the candy canes before the other players.

So, if you want to farm quickly, look for servers with few players and find a nice place to farm Sugar Cane in Pet Sim X! That’s all you need to know to farm Sugar Cane fast in Pet Sim X.

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