How to Know if Someone Unmatched You on Hinge

Hinge is a popular dating app that matches users based on their Facebook and other social media profiles. The app aims to connect users looking for more serious relationships rather than casual encounters.

When two users both like each other’s profiles, they “match” and can start chatting in the app. However, users also have the option to “unmatch” and disconnect from another user if they change their mind or lose interest. This can understandably be disappointing if you think you’ve made a promising connection with someone.

It’s helpful to know if you’ve been unmatched on Hinge for a few reasons:

  • Provides closure if a match stops responding suddenly
  • Lets you stop wasting time on a match that is no longer interested
  • Helps avoid awkwardness if you try to follow up with an uninterested match
  • Allows you to move on and refocus your energy on new matches
  • Can reveal opportunities for self-improvement and adjusting your approach

While rejection is never fun, being aware that you’ve been unmatched prevents you from making unwanted advances and lets you use your time productively. There are a few techniques you can use to discern if a Hinge match has unmatched you.

How to Know if Someone Unmatched You on Hinge

Check your Matches list

The most simple way to know if you’ve been unmatched on Hinge is to check your “Matches” section. This is found by tapping the heart icon at the top of the app. If one of your previous matches no longer appears in this list, it’s a clear sign they have unmatched you.

Look for disappearing conversations

Another clear indicator is if your previous chat with a match has disappeared from the “Chats” section. You can access this by tapping the speech bubble icon. If you previously exchanged messages with a match but no longer see the conversation, unmatched is the most likely explanation.

Use external indicators

Some other clues outside of the app that could mean you’ve been unmatched include:

  • The person disappears from your list of followers on Hinge
  • You can no longer view their profile when clicking on your chat history
  • Your comments on each other’s profiles are erased

While not definitive proof, these signs suggest unmatching is a strong possibility.

Reach out to mutual friends

If you and a match have mutual Facebook friends, you may be able to get confirmation that you’ve been unmatched by asking around. However, keep in mind that involving others can come across as invasive or desperate. Use your best judgment here.

Checking these areas should provide clarity on whether that match has disconnected from you. But what if their entire Hinge profile seems to have disappeared?

How to Know if Someone Deleted Hinge

If a match you were messaging vanishes from Hinge, they may have unmatched you specifically or deleted their Hinge account entirely.

Checking for profile visibility

To investigate further, try searching for their first name, school, workplace, or other details you may recall. If their profile doesn’t appear at all in searches, profile deletion seems the most probable situation. You can also scan through your feed for signs of them. If you have mutual Facebook friends, check if those friends can still see the match’s profile.

Using social media research

Looking for the person on other platforms like Instagram or Twitter can provide clues. If you find they are still active online, they likely deleted their Hinge rather than unmatching you specifically. You may even be able to message them elsewhere to get an explanation if you have established a strong connection.

With some detective work, you can typically determine if someone removed their account versus disconnecting from you directly. This gives helpful context if you are excited about the match.

Steps to Take if Someone Unmatched You on Hinge

If you confirm someone has unmatched you on Hinge, your first step is to accept the situation gracefully. Getting unmatched can feel personal, but it’s important not to make assumptions about their motives.

There are many reasons someone might decide to unmatch that have nothing to do with you. Give the person the benefit of the doubt and move forward.

Being unmatched signals that person was not the right fit for you. The healthiest mindset is to let it go, focus on self-care, and get back out there. Here are some tips:

  • Take a short break from Hinge if you need space from rejection
  • Lean on friends for extra support and perspective
  • Refocus energy on hobbies, interests, and self-improvement
  • When ready, start conversing with new matches and lining up dates

There are plenty of promising matches still out there. With time, you’ll regain enthusiasm. And if you cross paths with that person again someday, you’ll be in a healthy place to interact with or ignore them.


Getting unmatched on Hinge can be a letdown, especially if you feel a connection is developing. However, it’s important not to take it personally as it’s likely tied to the other person’s circumstances rather than a judgment of you.

By checking your matches, chat history, and their profile visibility, you can typically discern if someone has unmatched you versus deleting their Hinge account. If they did unmatch, reflect on any potential factors while maintaining self-esteem.

With a philosophy of moving forward, you’ll be prepared to shake off the rejection and get back out there. Approach new matches with enthusiasm and an open heart. The right person for you is likely just around the corner.

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