Federal Board Application Process for Reviewing Answer Books

The Federal Board has recently updated its application process for reviewing answer books, providing a more streamlined and efficient system for candidates. The process begins with the downloading of an online Challan to facilitate payment.

Candidates are advised to carefully fill out the application form online, ensuring all details are accurate. The application will only proceed for processing once the fee verification is successfully completed, making it crucial to provide the correct bank Challan number.

It’s important to note that the recounting process does not involve a re-assessment or re-evaluation of the answer books. Instead, the chairman of the Federal Board or a designated recounting committee oversees the process, ensuring no errors in the grand total on the title page of the answer book, accurate calculation of sums of various parts of each question, correct transfer of all subtotals to the title page, no unmarked portions of any response, alignment of the candidate’s handwriting with the one in the question/answer book, and no changes or detachments to the answer book or any of its sections.

In cases where the application of these criteria results in a reduction of marks, the candidate’s marks may decrease accordingly. This updated information will be reflected in the revised Marks Sheet.

The recounting process commences within 20 days of the result declaration, initiated by sending a formal request to the Controller of Examinations Secrecy. If additional time is required, an extension of up to 10 days can be granted with approval from the Chairman.

Candidates can monitor the status of their recounting application on the FBISE website and have the right to verify their own answer script without disputing the examiner’s evaluation. Following successful verification of the fee and submission of a complete application form, the requested documents will be issued within 20 working days. This new process aims to ensure transparency and fairness in the examination process.

You can apply here.

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