Ooredoo Oman Internet Packages

Ooredoo Oman Internet Packages: The different types of Ooredoo Internet Packages in Oman are listed below. These tables help you quickly select the best Ooredoo data plans for your need.    

Ooredoo Shababiah Internet Packages

Price with VATDataLocal CallValidity
RO 3.1501.5 GB15 min1 month
RO 5.2503 GB50 min1 month
RO 7.3505 GB150 min1 month
RO 10.50012 GB175 min1 month
RO 16.80024 GB350 min1 month
  • Dial *555*55# or use Ooredoo Oman App to subscribe to these packages.
  • These plans are only for Oeredoo prepaid customers.
  • Dial *555*300# for internet balance.
  • Dial *555*9# for credit balance.
  • Dial *555*400# for voice balance.
  • Dial *555# for the main menu.

Ooredoo More Internet Plans

RO 1300 MB10 Days*115*3*Recharge Code#
RO 21 GB10 Days
RO 31.5 GB30 Days
RO 53 GB30 Days
RO 1012 GB30 Days
  • Dial *102*3# to Balance Check.

Ooredoo Shababiah Add-ons Plans

Price with VATDataValidityActivation
RO 1.0501 GB1 Day*555*21#
RO 3.1501.5 GB30 Days*555*22#
RO 5.2503 GB30 Days*555*23#
RO 10.50012 GB30 Days*555*26#
  • For Ooredoo prepaid customers, Add-ons plans are available

Ooredoo Unlimited Data Plan

2 ROUnlimited1 Day*555*888#

Unlimited Youtube

Price with VATValiditySubscribeUnsubscribe
0.525 BzOne Day*141*600#*141*600*1#
  • Unlimited Videos from Youtube or Viu can be watched

Local Voice Plans

OMRLocal CallValidityActivation
RO 1.05040 min30 Days*555*240#
RO 2.100100 min30 Days*555*101#
RO 3.15200 min30 Days*555*201#
RO 3.15Unlimited7 Days*555*999#
  • Dial *102# for main balance.
  • Dial *222*123# for Easy or Loan Credit.
  • Dial *141*29# to find your mobile number.
  • Dial 1500 for Ooredoo Oman Customer Care Number.
  • Dial *222# for Ooredoo data transfer.

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