How to Change Facebook Password 2023

Do you also have a Facebook account? So you too Facebook ID Want to keep it safe? So that no one else can hack your FB account. For that, your Facebook password changes How to Change Facebook Password In this article, you will know the simple and easy method.

To keep your Facebook ID secure, you should change your password periodically. And no common password should be used at all. Because anyone can easily access your FB account by guessing such a password.

you How to Change Facebook Password You’re here to find out. So I will also share with you some important tips related to passwords that you need to know before changing your Facebook password. To learn these password creation tips, read this article How to create a strong password You must read this.

So let’s find out if you are new or old How to Change your Facebook Password they know

How to Change Facebook Password How to Change Facebook Password

The method to change Facebook passwords on mobile or computer is the same. For this, you need to know the old password i.e. current password of your Facebook account. If you have forgotten your old password. So this article How to Find Facebook Password Read on.

If you want to change your FB password on a computer, go to the website in the browser and log in. Then follow these steps.

1. Open the Facebook app on mobile. (If you are not logged into the Facebook app, please login first)

2. Now click on the three dots above.

3. Then scroll down to Settings and Privacy.

4. Then click on Settings.

5. Now select the Password and Security option.

6. Then click Change Password.

7. Now enter the old password of your Facebook account in the current password box above.

8. Then type the new password in the two boxes below and click Update Password or Save Changes.

After you’re done Facebook password change will be done Remember or note this new password. Now, whenever you want on the Facebook app or Facebook Lite Either Would like to login to the website. Then you must enter this new password.

How to Change Password on Facebook

Are you in a browser? Facebook site Wings online Facebook password change want to do. So here I will tell you precisely the shortcut method. By which you can change your password on FB in just 3 steps. For this, click on the direct link to change your Facebook password below.

1. Now login by entering your phone/email and password of your Facebook ID. (If logged in, take further steps.)

2. Then enter the old password of your Facebook account in the current password box.

3. Now type the new password in a new password and retype the new password box and click the save changes button.

Doing so will change your Facebook account password. This is for you How to change passwords on Facebook. This method would have been very helpful.

Facebook Password Change Questions (FAQs)

How to change your Facebook password?

To change your Facebook account password, click the three dots above Facebook. Then go to Settings >> Password & security >> Change password and type old and new passwords and click on Save change.

What is the current Facebook password?

To change the Facebook password we have to type the existing password. This password is nothing but your old Facebook account password.

Last Words

So friends! If your friends or family know your Facebook account password. So the article How to Change Facebook Password Follow the given steps to change your Facebook password, otherwise these people have tried to change your Facebook password. Change FB account password. gave

In this case, you will lose control of your Facebook account. And they can read your Facebook chats, Facebook page, or group you have created, so they can use it as they want. But you have that Facebook email or phone number. So Reset your password You can recover your ID by doing this.

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