Upper & Lower Case Converter

This simple Case Converter Tool helps to convert lines of text into another case that you can immediately convert to a text editor or copy/paste again into your work.

So, if you mistakenly left your capital letters on while typing a text, don’t worry! Furthermore, if you would like to ensure that a reader has all the proper capitalizations, you could now convert this in seconds. However, if you are a businessman and would like to capitalize the initial letter of every word, one hit will be enough!

Case Converter Tool

Just copy/paste your content into the content area above, then select the boxes at the bottom to change it to one of the available cases, which include:

Upper Case

The upper case converter will take whatever content you have and convert all characters to capital letters. Likewise, it will convert all lowercase to Upper case.

Copy the content to be changed and paste it into the box above, then choose the UPPER CASE button.

Lower Case

If you’re asking how to uncapitalize the content, the lowercase content converter will help you out: it converts all of the characters in your document to lowercase characters. So first, Copy-paste the content that needs to be converted to lowercase letters into the box, then click the ‘lower case’ button.

Sentence Case

You could copy/paste any content into the sentence case conversion, and it will quickly change it to a properly formed structural sentence.

It performs by capitalizing the initial letter of each phrase before converting the remainder of the content to lowercase and transforming i’s to I’s. Finally, each letter following a full stop is changed to an uppercase letter.

Title Case

The title case conversion is ideal for individuals unclear how to title a future article. It guarantees that the appropriate characters in a title are capitalized. Words like “an” will be left in lower case, while essential words like “Title” will be transformed.

Once you’ve changed the content to the appropriate case, select it all and use “Ctrl + C” to copy it, then “Ctrl + V” to paste it again into the pc document.

Have fun – and if anyone enjoys this tool, please share it with others who could benefit from it!

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