How to Stop Unknown Users to Add You in WhatsApp Groups

When it comes to connecting people, WhatsApp is one of the best apps. Within a short time, we had audio and video calling capacities, which required us to stay in touch with family and friends that lived far away. However, WhatsApp groups are a blessing in disguise. Our WhatsApp groups are also connected with our colleagues and share information, such as milestones and other important events.

In some cases, however, users take advantage of these features by adding an excess number of people to groups advertising their own goods. Have you ever been added to a group by someone you don’t know or who was only promoting their own services?

This has happened to me; therefore, I know the answer is “many times.” There is a nudge between what you don’t like and what you don’t want to do because we all dislike being a part of unnecessary groups, but at the same time consider it impolite to leave them. This means there is a way to prevent yourself from becoming added to groups by unknown users.  

There is an option in WhatsApp that stops random people from adding you to groups. As a result, you must go to your account’s privacy section and select an option that allows you to tailor who can add you to groups.

Even if you choose this option, admins would still send you links and ask you to join groups. But you can ignore them.  

How to Stop unknown People from Adding you to WhatsApp Group

Follow the steps below to prevent unknown persons from adding you to WhatsApp groups:  

  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen to open WhatsApp and send a message.
  • Account may be found by clicking on the Settings tab and then clicking on it.
  • Following clicking on Privacy, you’ll like to click on Groups.
  • Most likely, the default setting will be Everyone.
  • Everyone, “My Contacts” and “My Contacts Except” are the three available options.

Everyone is a good choice for those who are confused about which option to pick. The ‘My Contact’ option allows those people to add you to their contact list. Another important setting is “My Contacts Except,” which lets you choose which contacts are excluded from adding you to a group.

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