Zong Free Facebook Code 2023 – 14 Days Free Facebook

Zong has released Zong Free Facebook Code 2023, like other mobile networks. Use Facebook Zong 4G free for 14 days with a simple and 100% methodology.  

Zong 4G is starting a new social media collaboration with the Facebook tycoon. This implies FB can be used for free by those with Zong SIM. Here Zong has set some specific conditions for free Facebook MBs.  

The Zong 4G and Facebook launch are not new to you all. Zong network strives to give maximum methods of using free Internet and social media. Now they’ve added to this fantastic trick something special. For 14 days, Zong offers 4G subscribers with unlimited Facebook MBs.    

Zong Free Facebook Code 2023

Use Zong 4G SIM card to create a new Facebook account and use free Facebook for 14 days. Yes! Make your Facebook account with Zong SIM for free and enjoy unlimited Facebook MBs for the next 14 days.  

Offer NameZong Free Facebook
Validity14 Days
Activation CodeSign Up to Facebook

  Prepaid SIM users can create a Facebook account with Zong SIM and get unlimited MBs for 2 weeks.  Furthermore, Free Facebook can be used 24/7 without interruption for 14 days.    

Sign-Up to Facebook For Free MBs

A detailed description of getting free FB MBs for 2 weeks is provided below. Here’s what you need to do:  

  • First, turn on your mobile data.
  • Next, insert a Zong 4G SIM card into slot 1.
  • Now open the Facebook app.
  • Create a new Facebook account
  • After creating the account, you will get free MBs for Facebook.
  • These unlimited free Facebook MBs will be valid for only 14 days.
  • This is the best way to get free Facebook MBs for 2 weeks on Zong.

Get 1400 MBs Facebook for Free

The second method of using this app is to get 1400 MB free Internet MBs. Just register your Zong SIM number to My Zong App. Once you have registered, you will get 1400 MBs.   Follow some steps to get 1400 MBs free Data.

Facebook Free Mode

Another method is to use Zong 4G’s “Free Mode,” free of charge. For example, when you install the Facebook app, a button “Free Mode” is displayed on the front of the application’s top bar. This button displays when there is not enough balance for a Zong subscriber to use Facebook.  

Click on the “Free Mode” button to start working for your Facebook for free. The Facebook app’s features are restricted by Zong. You can still publish it on Facebook. Still. The Free Mode option allows you to view 50% of Facebook material. For Zong users, this is an excellent “Free Facebook” method.    

Free Messenger

The Facebook platform has never been free to send and receive text messages, but now the time has gone. Users of the Facebook Messager can connect to their friends for free.  With zero balance, Facebook Messenger will work. Select your mobile data to Zong and use “Free FB Messenger” with zero balance.    


These are 100% work methods that make Facebook free for a primary 3G / 4G SIM user But keep in mind that the network might change policy or that MBs can raise or reduce the amount specified. But these methods are 100% effective, and the network officials confirm.

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