SPSC Assistant Accounts Officer Recruitment Merit List 2023

The Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) in Hyderabad is currently in the process of recruiting qualified candidates for the position of Assistant Accounts Officer within the Local Government Department of the Sindh Government. The recruitment process, which has been meticulously managed by the SPSC, began with the issuance of a comprehensive schedule for the submission of application forms. This was followed by the administration of the SPSC AAO Written Exams 2023.

Candidates who successfully passed the written examinations were then invited for the SPSC AAO Interview 2023 took place from August 9, 2023, to September 5, 2023. The candidates whose names and roll numbers appeared on the list available on the official SPSC website were officially declared qualified and deemed suitable for appointment to the advertised positions.

These qualified candidates are now awaiting the final step in their journey—the SPSC AAO Appointment 2023. The commission will duly recommend them to the Sindh government for formal appointment to the respective positions, ensuring a transparent and merit-based selection process. As this process unfolds, candidates can stay updated with the latest developments related to the SPSC AAO Recruitment Merit List 2023 Recommendations.

The SPSC Assistant Accounts Officer Recruitment Merit List 2023 is available for download from the official SPSC website. This marks a significant milestone in the recruitment process, as it signifies the culmination of a rigorous selection process that aims to ensure only the most competent individuals are appointed to serve in the Local Government Department of the Sindh Government.

Download Merit List Here

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